The extremely cold weather during winter can cause serious harm to you, your family and to your entire household. You got the risk of acquiring serious health issues because of freezing temperature, and accidents are peeking everywhere because of ice and snow build-ups. Thus, you should take note of a few winter safety reminders to keep your family’s welfare all throughout the cold season.


What to Take Note for Winter Safety

In keeping yourself, your household and your family safe through the cold winter months, take note of these important reminders to help you:


Keep Your Bodies Away from Harm

First things first, keep your physical bodies away from any danger because of sheer cold. Prefer to use thick yet quite loose clothing to avoid frostbites. Remember to protect your extremities and neck covered as well. Moreover, it could also help if you and your family would learn how to deal with hypothermia, simply by taking online or classroom courses about it. Even simply watching videos on YouTube could help a lot.

To avoid accidents because of slipping down, use salt, sand or kitten litters to increase friction on snow. You should also prefer to use mittens instead of putting your hands in your pocket, so you can easily grasp somewhere when you slip.


Keep Your Eyes Open for Household Fires

According to reports, residential fires have the highest rates during the cold months. This is because of the people’s need for warm and heat through the season.


Always keep an eye to the fireplace, and do not allow any objects that easily catches fire to go near it. That goes for candles, stoves, and burners as well. Moreover, do not use gas stoves as a source of heat to make an entire room warmer.


Monitor Your House’ Carbon Monoxide Levels

Carbon monoxide is at its peak during the cold months, thus you should make sure of keeping it on tolerable levels. Do not miss to install carbon monoxide alarms on the right spots in your home. If you have old alarms, make sure to maintain it during spring or summer. However, it would be best to consider replacing an old one.

You should also avoid leaving your gas stove for a long time, as it could cause the rise of carbon monoxide level. It goes by running your car in an enclosed room too. If you need to turn on your car for maintenance, consider opening the garage door even just for a few inches.


Take Care in Shoveling Snow

You need to shovel off snow from time to time through winter. Remember to be careful to avoid straining your body too much. Consider using the right shovel as well. For instance, grab a short one for lifting snow, and a long one for pushing it. However, pushing snow could be better for your body.


Keep You and Your Family Safe while on the Road

You should also remember a few tips to keep your family safe while on the road. Start by checking your car batteries, and make sure it should be not more than 3 years old. Moreover, consider winterizing your tires to provide better hold to the ground. Of course, do not forget to put an emergency kit in the trunk. It should include a few thermal blankets, non-perishable food and drinks, and some tools for quick repairs.

These are just a few winter safety tips you should take note for you, your family and the entire household’s welfare. This is to avoid any unwanted circumstances to happen through the cold months, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest.


Image Source: Freepik

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