Keep Yourself Cool on Summer: Beat the Summer Heat!

Dealing with the extreme heat of summer sure is difficult, thus you want to prepare yourself for it! Moreover, you should not miss getting your whole house ready as well. You should have the best ways to stay cool in summer, especially that it could get unbearable in some instances. 


How to Get Yourself Ready for Summer Heat?

Heat strokes and lots of headaches are threats you should avoid in summer. Of course, those can easily disrupt your functionalities, thus affecting your work and studies. This makes it important for you to know how to stay cool in summer, simply by keeping stuff that could help you up.

For starters, you can start by keeping cooling agents around you. You can prepare cubes of ice and put it in a bowl, or freeze a bottle of water. Place it in front of your electric fan for an instant air cooling device! You can also grab a bottle of ice cold water, and put it on some vital points of your body like behind your knees, chest, and arms.

Making a pot of peppermint tea can also help you up. Refrigerate it for a while, and put it in a spray bottle afterward. The cooling and minty property of the tea can surely help you have a cooler sensation when you spray it on yourself. Moreover, drinking Chrysanthemum tea can also help in keeping your lower body temperature on a cooler level.

You can also put a bag of ice jellies under your mattress to make it cooler. Alternatively, you can also fold your bedsheets, put it in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator for few hours. Take it out before you go to sleep, and use it for a cooler goodnight rest.


How to Get Your House Ready for Summer Heat?

If you have an air conditioning system in your home, it is best to prepare it before summer strikes. You should know simple steps on how to maintain your unit, but it is best to avail expert services if you think your unit is already in a bad condition.

You can start by shutting down the power supply of your air conditioning unit. Tinkering with electronic appliances is dangerous when you fail to do so. You can then proceed by carefully removing the fan cage. Then you can start cleaning it up by removing debris in it. Next, clean the fins to make sure they will work fine. Moreover, straighten them up when you notice bent fins as well.

After cleaning the unit, put back the cage. Then, clean up the area surrounding the unit by keeping leaves and branches at least two feet away. On winter season when you do not use the condenser, put a piece of plywood over it, without covering it completely. This is to simply cover the unit from falling debris.

After cleaning your condenser, make sure it is on the right level of the ground. Push it back up when you notice it is on a bad slope through the soil. Next, you properly clean the evaporator coil, the evaporator drain, and change the blower filter. You have to read more about dealing with such maintenance to do it on the right way. After everything is done, you can now bring the power back.

Those are simple tips you can do to keep yourself and your house ready for the summer heat. This can help you and your family stay cool, without worrying about the implications you have to suffer because of it.

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