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At the EdConstable.com Team, we want to make your dream of owning a waterfront home a reality. The Fenton area has several great lakes with Lake Fenton being the crown jewel. Lake Fenton is often considered the most desirable lake in the Fenton MI for a few reasons. One being its size; Lake Fenton is the largest lake in Genesee County at 845 acres. Lake Fenton also has a very convenient location close to US23 and a few minutes from I75. With its strategic location, it is a great place to live for the commuters who work south of Fenton such as Clarkston, Waterford, and the other Metro Detroit communities. It is also a very short commute for those who work in the Flint and Grand Blanc areas.

If you want to live on a lake in Fenton, Silver Lake is also a great option. It is nice in size and connect to all sports Marl Lake. What makes Silver Lake and Marl Lake great is that they do not have a public access. Some other benefits of Silver Lake are it is a very deep and clean Lake. There is a public park on Silver Lake where you can go and sometimes catch a glimpse of the Silver Lake ski team doing tricks on the water. Silver Lake also has a great Location close the Expressway and is very close to shopping.

If you are looking for a little more value in your home, Lake Ponemah is the place to search. Although Lake Ponemah is not as large and Lake Fenton and Silver Lake, it is still a good size with a public access. Lake Ponemah connects to Squaw Lake and Tupper Lake. Another cool feature of the Ponemah chain is that the Shiawassee River inlets by the sand bar and exits through Tupper lake. People have been known to Kayak all the way from the Fenton Millpond in downtown to Downtown Linden. These 3 lakes have several very nice homes and some very nice neighborhoods. The houses many of Fenton’s Millionaires, like Emerald Pointe and Liberty Shores.

If you want to be on a large chain of lakes, the Lobdell Lake chain would be a great choice. Most of the Lobdell Lake chain is 7-12 minutes from the expressway and other conveniences. Lobdell Lake is 538 acres, and going under the bridge brings you to Bennet Lake, where you can weave through the marsh to the beautiful and under-developed Lake Hoisington.

Fenton and Linden also offer many other all sports lakes such as Loon Lake. Loon lake has a great location, but it is a shallow lake and not great for wake boarding. Right on the other side of Jennings Rd is Crain Lake. Crane Lake is also all sports, but it is even smaller than loon lake. When buying on Loon Lake or Crane Lake, you can get more house for the money because of the smaller lake size.

If you want to Live in south Fenton, there is Runyan Lake. Runyan Lake has a personality and community of its own. They have a couple organized event for the lake every year, making it a fun place to live. Fenton does have several other small, no-wake lakes.

If you are looking for a home for sale on a lake in Michigan, the EdConstable.com Team can set you up with a custom search that send you homes for sale on the lake you want to live on as soon as it hits the market. Ed Constable is a Fenton waterfront home owner himself and has spent time on most of Fenton’s lakes, so if you are looking for a waterfront home, you have come to the right place.

All of the different lakes throughout Fenton, Linden, Howell, Holly and the rest of the state have so much to offer. To help the buyers who have not already decided which lake to live on, please take the time to make a comment below on what you love about your lake in Michigan. Also, if your lake has an event coming up that you would like people to know about, please leave it below and we can add it to our event calendar!

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