Moving with kids and pets could be quite a task especially that they will probably be affected significantly. That is why, it’s important for you to remember a few tips, weeks before you even start packing things up.


What to Remember When You’re Moving with Kids or Pets

Moving to a new home with your kids and pets along? Here are a few tips you should take note:


Moving with Your Kids

If you have kids with you, here are a few points you should not set aside:

  1. Remember to talk with your kids about the move. Make sure to include the reason why you’re moving, and think of a few interesting things on your new location that could excite them.
  2. Do the talk weeks or even months before you move. This is to help the kids prepare their selves before the big day, like spending wonderful memories with their friends or packing up their personal and favorite things.
  3. Let the kids pack their own things, but keep them away from the majority of the processes. You wouldn’t want them to be hurt with sharp and hazardous objects, and it would be faster to do the packing that way.
  4. Keep a budget for goodies and snacks while on travel, so you can have something for your kids. This could help them deal with stressful travel.
  5. Upon arriving in your new home, don’t expect the kids to adjust easily. Let them do it in their own pace, as they enjoy mingling with new neighbors, friends, and schoolmates.
  6. Let your kids unpack and arrange their own new rooms as well, though your supervision is still necessary. For example, let them decide the paint color they want in their room, while you do the painting job.


Moving with Your Pets

Here are a few tips you should remember in moving with pets:

  1. Make sure to find a pet-friendly home. You wouldn’t want to relocate in a no-pet-allowed property or an area that’s dangerous for your pet.
  2. Don’t miss to bring them to their vet, so you can have some traveling and moving suggestions for your pets. Also, ask if they could recommend a reliable new vet in your new location.
  3. Keep them away from the entire packing process. Say, empty out a room for them, then let them stay in there with enough water and food. Of course, don’t miss their bed and litter box.
  4. As you travel, make a comfortable space for your pets while on the ride. Keep an eye on them, especially on shortstops. You wouldn’t want them to feel sick or get lost.
  5. Upon arriving on your new home, associate your pets on the soonest possible time. This is for them to feel comfortable with your new place immediately.
  6. Don’t forget to update your pets’ ID or microchip info. Place your new address and contact details on the soonest possible time.


These are just a few of the important notes you should remember in moving with kids or pets. The key here is, you should make them ready for the move, let them feel comfortable through the packing process, avoid having inconvenience yourself, and make them feel comfortable while on the ride.

Of course, this is also to help them adjust smoothly upon arriving in your new home.


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