High utility bills are often associated with summertime, especially when a household tries to deal with the scorching weather. Many homeowners push their air conditioning (AC) units to its fullest settings and have it work round-the-clock.

However, that’s not the only way to deal with hot summer days. There are actually helpful tips that can help you stay cool while keeping your bills on affordable levels.

Read on to know-how.


How to reduce your utility bills during summertime

The principle is simple. You just need to make sure that cold air remains in your home while keeping warm or hot air outside. Moreover, minimize the use of electricity as much as possible.

Here are simple yet helpful tips to guide you:


Proper Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

It’s important to keep your AC unit on the good working condition so it won’t consume too much energy as it works harder. Hire professional AC repair services to check its entire condition, clean it before summer starts, and replace filters every two months.


Have an Automated Thermostat

An automated thermostat can let you set its working time and temperature, which means it automatically lower down or turn off on specified time. That can help you reduce its energy consumption, without the need for you to frequently reset it.

If you need to leave for office every day, for example, you can set the thermostat to lower down during your working hours. You can program it back to its usual temperature before you arrive so you won’t suffer from a hot home.


Use Energy Star Appliances

Energy star appliances are those that have gone through tight energy efficiency tests. And these can help you a lot to drop your utility bills.

In fact, an energy star AC unit can save around 15% of energy consumption.


Optimize Insulation

To keep cool air inside and hot air out, efficient insulation is the key. Make sure to fill or cover every vent and gap so air exchange couldn’t take place.

You can start by filling holes, cracks, and gaps with caulk. Next, use spray foam around the side of your windows and doors. Double glazed windows or doors can also do wonders.


Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use

Many appliances still consume electricity even if they are off, as long as they are still plugged. Thus, make sure to unplug all appliances when not in use, like television, computers and DVD players among other machines.

When there are appliances that you can’t totally unplug like an active personal computer, buy a power strip to lower down its energy consumption.


Use your Windows and Vents properly

When the wind is cool at night, open your windows and vents to let it come in. That’s when you can turn off your air conditioning unit to save energy consumption. You can also switch to your fan, which can help scatter the cold wind in your home.

However, be sure to close your vents and pull down your blinds or drapes when it’s hot outside. That can prevent extreme heat from coming in while keeping the cold air of your AC unit inside your house.


These are just a few tips for you to pull down your utility bills this summertime. Be sure to monitor your energy usage, and keep cool air in your home while hot air outside.

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