Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Workshop


Creating the Perfect Workshop Out of Your Garage

During these hot Genesee County summers, finding the perfect work space can be complicated. If you have some extra space that is not occupied by your car, then you have a perfected shaded spot to slap a work bench and some nice big projects. We all know that houses breakdown, and repairs can be costly. If you have the gall to take up your hammer to create those home fixes (or maybe some other imaginative projects) through a bit of tinkering, you’ve got the perfect spot.


How Do You Transform Your Garage into a Workplace?

For starters, begin by cleaning out that garage; get some breathing room. Throw away those dusty trinkets and busted appliances like that leaf blower that worked six times before blowing. Set aside the useful stuff, and as hard as it is, junk the rest. For those big, but still wanted objects (like your kid’s bike) find an optional storage solution–maybe the attic for example. (But, if they/you haven’t used it in awhile, maybe you can just scrap it for extra cash?) It should go without saying; if any dangerous objects are littered about, make sure they are taken care of before creating your work space.

Next, visualize your workshop. Think about the important details first: how big is it? How much space do you need to occupy? Keep in mind, unless you don’t mind an absence of storage, you don’t have to use the entire garage. Just enough to move around and work on what you need to.

Your best friend in your work space is going to be a work bench. You could buy a work bench from a shop of course, but it could cost you extra if you don’t snag a great bargain. DIY might be one of the best options if you don’t have the spare cash-flow. There are plenty of articles, and how-to’s on the subject. Compared to your other projects you’ll likely undertake, it could be great practice! Be aware though: a specific size of workbench, depending on what projects are you planning to work with, might be needed.

A workshop without the best tools is just an empty room with a wooden bench. Make sure you invest in what is needed for the specific projects you plan to work on. It could start simple–hammers, nails, and wrenches; the basic stuff you find in any kit. If you’re more than comfortable with them already, maybe look into the fancy stuff. Complex machinery is always super fun (just be sure to play it safe)! They can even be rented if you find the upfront cost for the higher end tools. Moreover, make an organization system. Look, we get it, you “work best in the chaos” but it’s really awesome when you organize. Work shop accidents happen frequently, and even if you still play it safe you’ll waste a ton of time looking for what you need.

Finally, make sure you work space is well lit. Compact fluorescent lights work awesome in this case, maybe some of the best type you can buy for this occasion. Just make sure they light up the entire shop. Aim for nothing hidden in the shadows, we’re playing with some sharp things, and accidents strike when you least expect.  Moreover; think about having skylights in your garage, provided you have the right windows for it.


Final Words

These are just a few starting thoughts you can consider when coming up with your plan for a new workshop. As a small aside, you could always work in good ventilation to keep that nasty dust and particle debris out. We wouldn’t want to see you swimming in sawdust. This can help you focus on your work, and also prevent any adverse health risks.

Image Source: Pixabay

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