Staying Cool on Summer without Relying on Air Conditioning

Your AC is probably one of the most hardworking appliances in your house each summer. Although it is good that it can bring you cool air on hot days, it can immediately pull your head to heat up on electric bills. However, you should know that this should not always be the case. You can actually stay cool on hot months without depending too much on your air conditioning unit.


How to Keep Cool without Using Your Air Conditioning?

There are few tricks that you can take note if you want to reduce or totally eliminate your use of the AC. It is a monster appliance in terms of the electric bill, after all, thus it is great to tame it down especially in summer.

For the basics, you can start by putting your attention on your windows and doors. Add curtains and blinds on your windows to block the heat from entering. Although it seems simple, having an efficient blinding system for your windows can actually lower your house internal temperature by up to 20 degrees. You can also keep doors of few rooms open to let the air flow freely in your home.

Instead of your air conditioning, you can simply shift your focus to your electric fans. As a simple trick, you can put in some ice cubes in a bowl and place it in front of an electric fan. The electric fan will blow cool air towards you, as long as the bowl is placed at a right angle. Moreover, it is suggested to set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise to make it blow more air.

Of course, you can also regulate some other stuff in your home. Start by decreasing your use of the microwave and go for grills instead. You should also remember to change your bed sheets regularly to keep it cool.

Finally, if you can have control with your house and the things in it, you can also help your own self to stay cool. Grabbing a pitcher of cold juice can help. You can also apply ice cold pressure on your pulse and some other parts of your body. Needless to say, your clothing also plays a big part on this.

Those are just a few tricks you can do to stay cool in hot days without putting too much work on your air conditioning system. This is natural ways you can think about, to avoid having sky-high electric bills at the end of the month.

Image Source: pixabay

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