Overstaying on the market is a common problem among many real estate sellers. If you have such worry, you’re probably thinking of nothing but to sell your home as soon as possible. After all, staying on the market means spending more for upkeeps. Thing is, it’s common for sellers to become clueless on how to finally sell their properties, aside from simply dropping the price.

Of course, nobody really wants to drop the price tag onto unfavorable levels. That’s why you must know some workarounds to finally close a deal.


Here’s how to finally sell a Home after Months of waiting

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1. Remove your Property from the Market

Sounds counterintuitive, but the first step you must do is to get your property off the market for at least 90 days. You ask why? Most listing track each properties on their platform, and staying on the market for so long isn’t a good indication. That’s even if you repackage your home by posting new photos and descriptions. There’s a good timing for that.

After the 90 days pass, that’s the time you must post a new listing for your property. This is all about reviving your listing to attract buyers. Be sure, however, that you’ve already done essential things to repackage your home.


2. Repackage your Property

Repackaging means reconsidering the features your home has. Think of its curb appeal, for example, consider repainting the exterior to give it a new look. Of course, it’s wise to do some yard grooming to keep its fabulous look.

Then, don’t miss the interior to sell your home efficiently. This includes repainting walls, changing light fixtures, as well as possibly removing unnecessary add-ons. Doing some general cleaning is also a great idea. Your property probably needs it after staying in the market for few months.

If you don’t know which features to remove or retain, ask your real estate agent about it. They know all the trends and updates directly from the market today.

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3. Remarket your Property

Next, prepare your property for remarketing. You’ll be reviving your listing, so be sure it has fresh looks and fresh dates to attract fresh buyers. This is tying up the earlier two tips for updating your listing.

As mentioned earlier, do it after 90 days from removing your old listing. In other words, you have around three months to repackage your home before putting it back on the market. New dates tell a lot instead of simply updating info of an old listing. It makes your home appears new on the market; hence removing some buyer’s doubts about why it fail to sell throughout the previous months.

Get in touch with a professional photographer to take new photos of your home after doing some tweaks. This gives buyers a fresh look to your home, instead of mere photos taken months ago.

Then, hire a professional home staging service. Cleverly stage your home with their help, along with a reliable real estate agent beside you.

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4. Update the Price of your Home

Lastly, update the price tag of your property. One of the biggest culprits why houses won’t sell is overpricing, especially if buyers think they don’t get enough value from their purchase. Talk with your agent about the best possible price that won’t compromise your profit.


Take note of these tips to finally sell your home efficiently after few months. If in doubt, always ask your real estate agent for a professional guide.


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