Keeping your house warm for winter isn’t simply for comfort. It keeps your family away from sickness as well as keeping your things from freezing. You don’t need to crank the thermostat and increase your bill. There are steps which help keep warmth in your home while giving making you house more energy efficiency.

How to keep your House Warm for winter without raising your Energy Bill

Here are simple steps which guarantees you a warm winter while keeping energy use at a minimum:

Optimize Insulation

Keep cold air outside your home while keeping warm air inside. This is achievable by boosting
insulating properties of your home. You probably know the basic, add weather stripping to your door and window, insulate your basement and attic, and then add caulk to gaps and cracks all over your home.

But insulating doesn’t end there. Think of putting carpets and area rugs on your floor. Specifically recommended when you have hardwood flooring. Install a protective glass for fireplaces as well. It blocks the fireplace itself from sucking in warm air after use, which inevitably pushes the heat out through the chimney.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

Use Drapes Properly

There are actually proper usage for curtains during winter. First, open it up throughout the morning, especially when the sun is shining. That lets natural heat from the sun to come inside your home, hence minimizing the need for your heater to work hard.

Subsequently, close the drapes when the sun starts to set. This keeps your house warm for winter nights since it keeps cold air outside. Aside from which, it blocks the accumulated heat from the sun to easily escape as well.

Clever Use Of Your Appliances

Some of your home appliances aren’t intended to heat up your house but can help! For example, feel free to use your oven or stove by cooking some soups or roasting a turkey. Yes, you’d get nice hot dinner afterwards, while making your home warmer because of the energy these appliances give.

Use Your Heating System Properly

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Of course, there are proper usage for heating systems as well, and it’s not merely simply just turning it on. First, consider installing a programmable thermostat. This helps automatically drop or raise the temperature at certain times of the day.

For example, set it to turn on and start heating a room 30 minutes before you arrive from office. That means a warm cozy room is waiting for you upon arriving. You don’t have to manually turn it on, and wait for few minutes before the temperature stabilize. This also eliminates the need for your heating system to run round the clock.

Other than that, keep any blocking objects away from your radiator or vents. That lets heat to circulate efficiently in your home. It helps in keeping your heating systems from working hard as well. Simply re-positioning a sofa or cabinet do wonders.

Lastly, be sure to keep your boiler on appropriate condition. First, cover it with appropriate insulators. That helps in keeping it warm and perform optimally.

Moreover, keep your heating system updated to avoid faulty performance. Your boiler, for example, must be replaced every 10 years or so. That’s a good chance for you to buy a better performing boiler. Aside from heating your home more efficiently, it’s more efficient in terms of energy use as well.

There you have it. These are the simple steps to keep your house warm for winter. Keep your family comfortable, without the need to worry about large energy bills.

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