Winter could go unbearably cold for you and your family, thus you should do something to keep everyone comfortably warm inside your house during the cold months. Thing is, it would seem difficult to do it, especially with all the holes and gaps on your walls, ceiling, doors, windows and elsewhere.

However, all you need to do is to take note of a few insulation tips to keep warm air inside your home and prevent cold air from coming in.


How to Keep You and Your Family Warm on Winter Season

Improve Your Home Insulation

Start by improving your entire home insulation system. Check your doors, windows and even the attic for gaps where air exchange could possibly occur.

See your doors and windows, then consider reapplying weather strips on their side. This can help a lot in stopping air exchange from happening.

You can also consider to reglaze your doors or use heavy drapes for your windows.

Your objective here is to prevent warm air from going out, and cold air from going in. As a result, warm air will remain inside your home for your comfort.


Keep Your Furnace and HVAC System on Top Condition

Make sure to replace your HVAC filters each month, especially if you’re using it throughout the winter season. Moreover, clear the way in front and around the system to allow warm air freely spread all over the room.

Thing is, it’s best to do regular maintenance of your HVAC system at least twice a year. Do it before winter, and every before summer for maximum performance of your machines.


Check Out the Heating Areas all Over Your House

Do a check all over your house. Consider lowering down the temperature in areas or room where you don’t stay that much, and focus the heating systems on rooms where you frequently go.

This can help a lot in heating the areas where you frequently stay efficiently while slashing a significant amount off your electric bills.


Optimize the Use of Lights

You can actually optimize the use of lights to warm up your house. Make sure to use bright LED lights in rooms where you and your family frequently stay.

Aside from indoor lights, you can also benefit from the natural light of the sun. To do this, let sunlight come in during the day, then close your windows with heavy drapes when the sun goes down.

The principle is to let the sunlight warm up your house during the day, then trap the heat within your home at night.


Consider Using Humidifiers

Being warm is not enough. You should make your home comfortable for your family as well.

This makes humidifiers a great option to consider. Humidifiers can help you control the dryness of cold winter air, and for you to add a certain level of humidity on it.

Thing is, to maximize the use of such device, you should remember that your house should have 35 to 50% humidity level. Thus, it’s important to monitor the device for you to control such rates.

Also, note to read the instructions of any humidifiers, for you to avoid problems while using it.

These are quick guidelines that you can take note in staying warm during the entire winter months. All you need to remember is to optimize your sources of heat during the winter season and insulate your place to trap heat inside.


This can surely help you remain warm and feel comfortable despite the cold air from outside. As a result, it can also help you and your family to avoid sickness caused by cold weather conditions too.


Image Source: Freepik

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