Summer season is coming, and it definitely means another pool season for you, your family and your friends. However, you can’t just hop in your water wonderland after leaving it for a few months through the winter days.

You need to properly prepare your pool to ensure its cleanliness and everybody’s safety. Failing to do so can pose serious risks to anybody who will spend time in or around it, like chemical poisoning and bacterial infection among other problems.


How to properly prepare your swimming pool for summer?

You wouldn’t want to put anyone at risk just because they want to have a dip in your cool blue pool. Thus, take note of these tips to guide you in preparing your swimming pool:


Clean the surroundings and top of your pool before removing the cover

Be sure to clean the surrounding areas of your pool, and make it free from any debris like fallen leaves and dead branches. Also, use a cover pump to clean accumulated water atop your pool cover.

This is to avoid having debris and dirty water to mix with your pool water.

Finally, remove the pool cover, and clean it thoroughly before storing.


Check the water level and the structural condition of the pool

The weight of the water keeps the pool from popping out of the soil, thus it’s important to keep it on the right level and avoid draining it. Simply add more water when it’s below the appropriate level upon removing the cover.

Next, make sure to check every structure of the pool, like diving boards, ladders, and railings, and see if they’re all in good condition. You don’t want any physical accidents to happen as you enjoy summer.


Be sure your pool’s mechanical system is working fine

Check your pool’s pumps, hoses, and filters accordingly, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t skip any small uncertainties to avoid facing bigger problems later on.

Let the system run for around 8 to 12 hours to make sure nothing goes wrong.


Test the PH level of the water

When you’re done with the 8 to 12-hour running of your pumps, get a water sample from at least 18 inches deep from the surface. Make sure to take it as instructed in your testing kit, and keep it in tight storage.

Deliver it to a pool shop nearest you, and have the water tested. An expert can tell you about the chemical levels of the water from your pool, and they will instruct you on how to correct it using the appropriate products.


Complete a checklist of maintenance and safety items

Make sure you can keep your pool on good condition throughout the summertime. You can do it by having a checklist of the items you need to maintain it.

For example, make sure to have appropriate maintenance items to keep your pool clean. Also, keep your PH testing kit ready to use it occasionally throughout the season.

In addition, having a first aid kit ready around is also a good idea. This is to keep everyone have a good time in your pool during summer.


These are the vital things you should keep in mind so you can prepare your water wonderland for summertime. Aside from simply keeping it fabulous, it’s also for everybody’s welfare as you enjoy.


Image Source: Freepik

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