Be sure to keep a flu-proof home all year round! Note that flu and cold viruses are highly contagious. And it can creep in your household anytime. That’s why you should complement medical precautions with proper home maintenance for your family’s welfare.


How to keep a Flu-Proof Home for your Family’s Health Safety

Wondering how to keep cold or flu viruses away from your home? Here are a few helpful tips to remember:


Keeping Flu Viruses from Infecting your Family

Begin by keeping flue and cold viruses at bay through these tips:


  • Be sure to clean your home regularly. Use the right sanitizers or disinfectants to eliminate flue and cold viruses all over the household. Think of tables, counters, handles, and doorknobs among other spots.
  • Keep tissue and hand sanitizers all over your home. This will help avoid viruses from spreading because people would be encouraged to use such products properly. When somebody sneezes, for example, they would use tissue papers and sanitizers when these are around.
  • Prepare soaps in the bathroom sink so everyone in your household can easily wash their hands anytime. Also, teach your kids how to wash their hands properly. Tell them to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while washing hands with soap and water.


What to do when Someone catches Flu or Cold

Remember the tips above when somebody in your family caught flue or cold. Moreover, jot down these notes too:


  • In keeping a flu-proof home, remember the duration of the stay of flu or cold viruses on a person. They usually linger about a day before symptoms appear. And they last up to 7 days after the symptoms go away.
  • Prepare areas in your home where the sick person can stay. Extra bedroom and cozy couch would help them to rest while preventing viruses from spreading out.
  • Prepare beddings, utensils, and towels among other things the sick person needs. This is to avoid the sharing of items among members of your household.


Cleaning up after Flu goes away

The flu or cold viruses would still linger in your home after symptoms are gone from a person. Hence, take note of these points as your guide:


  • Wipe and clean all points of contact all over your home. This includes surfaces and items the person touches while being sick. Think of tables, doorknobs, and counters among other surfaces. Be sure to clean your bathroom and sink as well.
  • Wash beddings and clothes the person use. It’s best to thoroughly wash them using hot water if the fabric would allow.
  • Wash eating utensils the sick person has used with hot water. This is to kill viruses lingering on it before putting it back the dishrack.
  • Open up your windows to let viruses and musty air to go out. This lets fresh air to come in as well, which is helpful for a previously sick person to completely feel better.


These are helpful notes in keeping a flu-proof home for your family. As you can see, it’s about shielding your household from viruses. It also tells you to learn managing cases of flu or cold when present, and how to clean up after its gone. Of course, be sure to observe proper medical precautions too, and consult your physician when necessary.


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