The real estate market tends to overwhelm many first time home buyers. After all, the market carries truckloads of essential information, considerations, and calculations among other complexities. And those factors would easily confuse anyone who hasn’t grasp the market enough.

That’s why you should understand the most important factors of real estate. Although these are overwhelming to dig through, learning the basics would guide you to the right home purchase.


Planning about Buying First Home? Remember these points to Guide you

Gauge yourself

Begin by gauging yourself and your preparedness in buying a home. Yes, financial stability is important. But that’s not the only factor you should think about.

Ask if you’re ready to settle on a specific area. Are you seeing yourself living in it for at least five years? Aren’t you expecting any relocation because of business, job, and other reasons? Do you want to buy a house because you don’t want to throw cash to rentals anymore? Do you have a family, and can you continue your household finance while paying for a mortgage?

Think of these factors among others, then see if you’re psychologically and financially ready for buying a home.

Learn the Finances Involved

Next, know all the basic finances you should prepare in buying and owning a home. When you buy a property, you should think of your credit scores, mortgage loans, earnest money, escrow, debt to income ratio, property taxes, and broker fees among other charges. Understand how first time home buyers should handle all of those financial factors, and see how it would affect your cash flow.

On a side note, the government offers First Time Home Buyer Loan which you can enjoy. That would help you in buying a property, as long as you’d comply with its requirements and conditions.

Find the Right Home to Buy

Don’t simply purchase a home because you love it. Be sure to consider a few important factors around it to avoid regrets after buying. For example, it should be located on a location favorable for you, which means it should be near vital establishments such as hospitals, schools, and groceries. Unless you’d favor a rural home to live.

Also, consider the condition of a home. That’s why it’s important to hire a home inspector to check its every corner. Then, be sure it falls on the ideal price range according to your income. Multiply your annual income by three to know the minimum price you can go for, and by 4 to know the maximum value you can safely afford.

Learn the Buying Processes

Then, understand the flow of the buying process before hopping onto it. However, always aim for mortgage preapproval even before you go shopping for a home. That would put you in a favorable position while buying since seller would see you as a serious buyer.

The process generally begins by making an offer. Then, conduct a home inspection, go for renegotiation and end on the buying process. It sounds simple, but it’s actually a complex process especially on negotiating for the final buying price.

Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Finally, be sure to look for a real estate agent you can trust. These experts know all about the real estate market, making them a good guide throughout the entire process. They can help you buy the right home, and they’re the best source of advice in navigating the market.


First time home buyers should keep these points in mind while planning to buy their first property today.  Remember to be careful, ask professional guidance, and you’ll end up with the right property purchase without unnecessary hassles.


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