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Home Improvement Trends to watch for in 2019

Home Improvement

It would be wonderful if you’d improve your home along with the trend, especially that tons of home improvement concepts have developed these past years. This is true, especially upon thinking that technology constantly integrates itself further into the real estate industry, which results in brilliant or innovative stuff you can apply in your own…

Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Workshop


Creating the Perfect Workshop Out of Your Garage During these hot Genesee County summers, finding the perfect work space can be complicated. If you have some extra space that is not occupied by your car, then you have a perfected shaded spot to slap a work bench and some nice big projects. We all know…

Tax Benefits That Only Home Owners Can Enjoy

Tax Benefits

There are a lot of ways people feel about owning a home when it comes to taxes. Some might be very negative about it (it can be hard not to be negative when property taxes increase!), while others seek out all the benefits. While there might be many different pros and cons associated with the responsibilities of…

Home Improvement Cost to Value: Which are Worth It?

Home Improvement Cost to Value Remodels

Many homeowners want to make improvements to their home, either for their own enjoyment and use or to boost their marketability when they decide to sell their home. One of the major questions they ask is, “is it worth it?” We have good news for you! According to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, it definitely…

Strategies for Pricing a Home to Sell

Pricing a Home

When selling a home, attractive pricing and packaging are the two basic essentials. In the present real estate market, buyers have choices even with a small shortage of inventory. Experts says no two homes are the same, and making that distinction between your home to others is key.  In pricing a home, you should combine…