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The coldness of winter brings big discomfort to many households in Michigan. That includes your home in Gaines Township Genesee County as well. Of course, you don’t want your family to suffer throughout the season. That is why you want to make your home as cozy as possible.

Thankfully, there are some steps that have helped a lot of households through the chilly months. Take note of these points to winterize your own home too.


How to Make your Gaines Township Genesee County Home Winter-Proof?


1. Boost Insulation

Notice the best Genesee County waterfront homes for sale, and you’d easily see they all have great quality insulation systems. Insulation keeps cold or warm air inside or outside your home depending on the weather. During winter, for example, it keeps cold air outside while the heat from your thermostat stays indoor. But it does the opposite when air conditioning units are up to during summer.


Gaines Township Genesee County

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To improve your insulation system, be sure to leave no gaps all over your home. This includes the side of your windows and doors, as well as cracks on walls and floors. Caulk or reseal weather stripping, then check the attics and basement for possible gaps.


2. Put Heating System on Good Condition

Next, be sure to check your thermostat, furnace or fireplace. They should all be on their best possible condition during winter to provide optimum heat for your household.

Consider investing in programmable thermostat for scheduling features. When you’re going to work every day, for example, you can set the thermostat to start around 30 minutes before you arrive. Once you get home, a cozy environment will be waiting for you, instead of you waiting while the thermostat heats up.


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Stock up on fuel for your furnace and fireplace as well. They help keep your Gaines Township Genesee County home comfy throughout the season. This includes firewood if you have a traditional fireplace. On a side note, be sure to clean the chimney and vents of your fireplace so it would function properly.


3. Prepare Cozy Clothing and Bedding

After securing your insulation and heating system, it’s time to prepare a comfy shield for your family in winter. Pull out thick clothes, jackets, winter gloves, and socks. Include socks and scarves for your pets as well, since their fur is sometimes not enough.


Gaines Township Genesee County

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Prepare cozy beddings and comforters with heating features. Include comfy covers for your couches as well. Aside from thickness pay attention to their colors to get the best covers. Always remember that darker covers give better heat.


4. Improve Lighting

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Yes, candles and lamps are obvious sources of heat. But even light bulbs help as well. There are available special heating light bulbs for winter today. However, simply illuminating a room more makes it cozier and more relaxing, especially through the dim winter days.


5. Layer your Floor

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Lastly, consider putting extra layers of covers on your floor. Yes, carpets are the best choice since they keep your feet from touching the cold hard surface. But consider quality area rugs if you don’t want to worry about carpet installation and maintenance.


These are only five of the best steps to make your Gaines Township Genesee County home cozier through the winter season. Feel free to search for more winter-proofing tips, and don’t forget to make some hot drinks or soups for your family too.


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