Winter is just over, and a lot of spring cleaning work is waiting for you to do. Despite it seeming very tedious to go through, you just can’t leave a messy house as the new season starts.

Thing is, contrary to popular belief, general house cleaning doesn’t have to be that hard. All you need is to set things up, and have a clear guide to help you through.


What to Remember in doing Spring Cleaning?

To guide you for your spring household task, here are few cleaning tips you should know:


Plan Your Entire Workflow

Always start by planning your entire cleaning task. It would be great to draft everything in a list, so you would know which to clean first to the last

In doing the draft, make sure to include the time you should spend on each cleaning task. For example, you can set an hour for each bedroom, one for the living room, two for the garage, and so on.

Thing is, you don’t have to draft everything into a single day. You can spread out your spring cleaning through a few weekends, each having around 2 to 5 hours for you to spend.

That could help you clean your house bit by bit, without burning out yourself.


Prepare the Things You Need

Prepare all the cleaning agents, tools, bins and some other things you need for the task. By planning everything, knowing what you need should be easier.

After all, you wouldn’t want to stop cleaning just to buy some more cleaning agents at the grocery.


Do the Decluttering First

Before you start the actual cleaning process, remember to declutter your home first. Sell, Throw or give away stuff that you don’t need.

That could help your house breathe out more space, making it look less messy afterward.


Remember the Rule: Start from Top to Bottom

It’s a rule of thumb in cleaning a house. You should always start from the top, and make your way down.

You wouldn’t want to make the floor sparkle, only to throw some dirt on it as you clean the windows and remove the cobwebs.


Be Careful with the Cleaning Agents

Always remember to read the labels, and follow usage instructions of each cleaner. This is to keep you away from danger and keep your stuff free from damages.

On a side note, it would be best to use natural cleaners as much as possible, like vinegar.


Get some Help from Your Family

Don’t miss to involve the entire family throughout the cleaning process. You can even invite your kids, and simply guide them on what to do.

That could be a great way for you to have bonding time while aiming for a clean house as result.


Plan to Reward Yourself after the Task

You got it, spring cleaning is definitely very tedious, thus it would be best to reward yourself after doing everything. Treat yourself with your favorite dish, or have dinner with everyone who has helped.

It would even be better to plan such a reward as you start cleaning. That way, you can have something to look forward to, this could push you to work better and faster.


Remember these cleaning tips, so you can have a good guide through the spring household tasks. It could significantly lift some burden off your shoulders, and could even make the cleaning quite more enjoyable.


Image Source: Freepik

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