You need to find a listing agent to sell your home efficiently, whether on spring or some other seasons. However, many sellers consider simple yet wrong angles in choosing one to hire, which could actually give them lesser benefits.

Yes, you should not simply base on high price listings and low commission rates. You should consider some other factors, which is the listing agents themselves.

They should be reliable enough to sell your property efficiently on good deals, and you should have ideas on how to know about this factor.


What to remember in finding the right listing agent to sell your home?

Basically, there are three big reminders to take note in finding a listing agent, who could help you sell your property efficiently.


Don’t simply see the angle of low commission and high listing price

Truth be told, agents can’t dictate the price of your property. What they could do is help you come up with the best possible price for it, by considering a lot of factors like comps, pending sales and active sales within your local area.

If an agent simply drops a price you can put on your property listing but he can’t give you statistical data backing it up, better consider your doubts.

In addition, don’t simply look for an agent with a lesser commission rate. Remember any cheap products or services will probably lead you to more sales losses.

What’s a lower commission if you could end up with lesser sales too, right?


Do background checks to listing agents

To gauge the reliability of listing agents, do background checks. For example, know their credentials, past works, and client reviews among others.

Moreover, choose one that could provide you a carefully planned strategy to sell your home and one that’s aggressive enough as a negotiator. That could raise your chances of having a great closing deal.


Connect with Agents your Eyeing, and ask some Questions

Finally, before you hire one up, be sure to ask these questions and know the best answers you should expect.


  1. How long have you been Realtor? Are you full time?
  2. Will my House be on, Zillow or Trulia? Do you have your own website?
  3. How do you plan to market my home and lifestyle?
  4. Are you an MLS broker? (Always list with an MLS broker)
  5. Do you use professional photos?
  6. What is your pricing strategy? (Retail, data, less is more)
  7. Can you walk me through the selling process?
  8. How often will we communicate? (Make sure they text and email)
  9. Are you available during off hours and weekends?
  10. What do you charge? (Standard residential is 6-7%)
  11. How long is the listing period? How much would it cost to cancel early? (Standard length is 6 months)
  12. What should I do to get my house ready to be put on the market?
  13. Will there be an open house?
  14. How will I receive notifications for showings and feedback after the showing?
  15. How many transactions did you sell last year? (You want a realtor who does at least 3 transactions a month)
  16. Do you charge any extra compliance or broker fees? (Beware of anything over $350)


In addition to their answers, also observe how they respond to your queries. That should tell you a lot on how they communicate; choose an agent who is also an effective communicator.

Remember these points, and you can find the best listing agents that could sell your home efficiently. Make sure to pick a reliable one, so you can gain bigger benefits.


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