Putting your house property on the market during the holidays could be an advantageous consideration. First, you have lesser competition on the market, and second, more buyers are looking for properties to purchase. Thing is, it could be challenging for you to think about staging your home during the season.


How to do Home Staging on the Holidays

Truth is, it’s quite easy to stage your property on the holidays, despite all the decors and festivities of the season. You just need to have enough ideas on how to do it right, and consider these few tips to help you:


Start with the Basic Decluttering and Depersonalizing

Regardless of the season, you should start by decluttering your house property. Remove all unnecessary stuff that could make your house look messy. Say, you can sell, give or throw away old appliances, books, kids’ toys, and some other things. This can help your house breathe out more space. This goes both for your house’ exterior and interior areas.

Make sure that there’s enough space for the potential buyer to feel that your home is livable for him. You should not make him feel overwhelmed upon visiting.

Moreover, consider removing stuff that could assert your presence in the house, like your family picture frames, credentials on the wall, and your awards.


Do Not Overdo Your Holiday Decors

You can put in a Christmas tree, few lanterns, candles, and some other stuff. However, never overdo it during your home staging.

Don’t position your tree in a way that could block any passageway, and it’s best to consider its size in relations to the size of the room. Also, avoid large inflatable Santa Claus, carved reindeers, too many Christmas lights, and some other decors that could make your house appear cluttered.

Key is, you don’t have to fill every space of your house with decors to impress the buyers. It actually does the opposite.


Avoid Religious Decors

Holidays could be religious in nature, but religious decors could possibly push away potential buyers. Consider removing images, sculptures, and tabletop figurines with such themes.


Let Buyers See Your Home and not the Christmas Decorations

Of course, potential buyers will visit your property to see it, and not your Christmas decors. Thus, it’s best to keep it on the minimum and avoid having too much of it.

It’s also best to position your decors in ways that it wouldn’t block the view of your home assets.

Say, your house has a fabulous furnace, don’t block it with your Christmas tree or avoid putting in too many decors beside it. Your decors should make your house look great for the potential buyers, thus don’t let the decors defeat such purpose.


Choose the Right Complementing Colors

You can have neutral colored walls, but it could be difficult to be neutral on your decors. Key is, you should remember to choose decors that have complementing colors to your house.

Say, your house has light cool colors, thus choose green or snow themes for your decors. You can put in red designs, but keep it on a minimum accent level.

This is to keep your house looking great when potential buyers pay a visit.

These are just a few quick tips in staging your home during the holiday season. If you still need further ideas, feel free to ask your real estate agent for some advice.

All of it aims to help you make your house look great on your staging phase, thus successfully hooking potential buyers to actually purchase your stuff. This can help you optimize the advantage of putting your house property on the market during the holidays.


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