Allergens naturally increase in number during spring, triggering a more allergic reaction to many people in the season. You want to avoid such health problems from your family, thus you should allergy-proof your home right away.

However, dealing with millions or billions of tiny particles could be a daunting task. Thing is, it’s certainly possible to drastically decrease their number, so your family could have a lesser risk in having allergic reactions.


How to Allergy-Proof your Home during the Spring Season?

Here are a few tips to help you decrease the allergens in your home.


Dust-off your Entire House

Dust is one of the ironically big causes of allergic reactions, and its large number in your house makes it an even bigger threat. Thus, you should deal with them efficiently all over your home.

When dusting-off your home, prefer to wipe dust using a wet cloth to avoid spreading them to the air. Also, regularly wash your bedsheets, pillows and other stuff that easily accumulate dust.

In addition, regularly deal with clutters all over your home, and keep or throw things accordingly. Clutters are some other good spots for the dust to accumulate.


Keep Pollen Away

Pollen from plants outside your home is another major cause of allergic reactions.  Thus, make sure to fix your landscape, and prefer hypoallergenic plants or keep them a considerable distance away.

Moreover, use HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter on your ventilation and windows to keep pollen outside. This is one of the vital spring-tips you should know, simply because plants tend to produce more pollen during spring.


Clean your Bathroom regularly

Another cause of an allergic reaction are molds forming on your bathroom walls and floors. You can even find them on the toilet, sink or tub as well.

Clean your entire bathroom regularly, and keep it dry as much as possible. Moreover, consider installing air-tight ventilation or exhaust fan, which you can activate after showers.


Efficient Pest Control

Many types of insects and pests or their droppings could cause allergic reactions. Thus, it’s important to conduct pest control all over your home to deal with them.

Consider hiring professional pest control services to help you. Just don’t miss to inform them about your allergies, so they could use appropriate pest control products when necessary.


Maximize the use of HEPA Filters in your Home

HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters could help you a lot in dealing with very tiny particles that could trigger allergic reactions. Aside from using it on your ventilation and windows as mentioned above, you can also have it for some other purposes.

You can use them for your air conditioning unit and humidifiers, so you can have clean air in your home. Finding vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can also help you avoid spreading dust as you clean your floor.


Know about Eco-Friendly or Natural Cleaners

Natural or eco-friendly cleaners could give you huge benefits when you use them in your home. Of course, being friendly to nature is just one of it.

Another is to avoid causing ailments, as these cleaners don’t have harmful chemicals. This also goes without saying that they won’t trigger your allergic reaction as well.


Remember these tips to make your home allergy-proof, and you can surely deal with allergens efficiently throughout the season. Thus, you don’t have to worry about those allergens being so tiny and millions in number anymore.


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