Everyone is looking for a place to live, for a while, before they find the perfect one and settle down. Detroit is one of the largest and most populated cities in the United States. There are people who don’t like Detroit at all, but everyone has their own taste and lifestyle. However, if you have decided to move to Detroit alone or with your lovely family, you will be surprised how wonderful that city is. So, today we will talk about what are the perks of living in Detroit, Michigan!

What are the perks of living in Detroit, Michigan?

As we already said, Detroit is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the United States. If you decide to move to Detroit, you will see a lot of new things. Also, there are a lot of activities that you will love. However, if you need a professional mover to relocate your belongings safely to Detroit, check on capitalcitymovers.us and inform yourself about their moving services. Let’s get to the perks of living in Detroit now. Searching for a good place to live, alone or with your family, will take a lot of time. In order to find the place of your dreams, you will have to know what you want exactly. First, research the internet, neighborhoods, schooling system (if you have kids), costs of living etc. Detroit is one of the nicest cities to live in and now we will see why.
  • Hire Professional Mover
  • Jobs and Career in Detroit
  • Detroit is Innovative
  • Easy to get around
  • Costs of living below the national average
  • Art and Culture
  • A lot of Adventures!

Hire Professional Mover

If living in a big city is something you like, and you are used to the urban and fast lifestyle, but you want to save some money, Detroit is the right place for you! If the time to move comes, you will need to hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move. Every professional moving company has years of experience in the moving industry and plenty of moving services. You can often expect discounts on some of those services. So, let’s see what kind of services you can expect from a professional mover:
  • Excellent communication
  • Packing and Labeling
  • Truck and Transport services
  • Safety and Insurance
  • Unpacking and Recycling
  • Storage Options
Whether you are making short or a long-distance move, you should hire a professional moving company to assist you. Also, if you want to save some money, you should consider hiring a professional mover on off-peak days when they are not in high demand.

Jobs and Career in Detroit

If you are someone who likes to prosper, you should know that living in Detroit is great for those who plan on having a great career. The startup community is blooming and exploding which means you won’t ever run out of career moves! In the last couple of years, a startup in Detroit got 62 million from venture startup firms. In addition, if you cannot decide, these are some of the top neighborhoods to live in! You can choose yourself!

Detroit is Innovative

Living in Detroit might be a good move if you like innovations. Michigan is well known in their innovations in the auto industry, but tech and life sciences are also seeing a surge in development. There are plenty of incubators and accelerators located in and all-around Detroit. Around 75% of automotive industry investment is located in Michigan. 20% of the funded companies in Detroit are life science and more than 40% are the ones in information technology.

Easy to get around

You will also like living in Detroit because of their transit system. There are more than 2300 miles of pathways, routes and bike lanes. Comparing to the other big cities, residents in Detroit spend around 23 minutes commuting, which is 11% less than the national average. Also, all those who own a car should know that people who drive in Detroit spend less time in the traffic even during the peak periods of the day. You won’t have any problems getting to your residential home or your job on time!

Costs of Living below the National Average

This is one of the most important things if you are planning to live in Detroit. Costs of living are lower than the national average! The average housing price is even 80% less than the national average, which is, you must admit, wonderful! Except for the housing, food and health care systems are also lower than almost anywhere else in the United States. Living in Detroit will also give you an opportunity to buy one of the wonderful waterfront homes! Do not lose any time, check for those houses now!

Art and Culture

For you who love art and culture, you will love living in Detroit! Midtown Detroit is home to more than 150 organizations who represent areas medical, academic, cultural and service institutions. Since 1976, this organization is responsible for connecting and introducing people to galleries, museums, theaters, the famous the Sugar Hill Art District. community gardens and many more. Detroit is rich in museums, and if you are interested in art and culture, you should visit some of those places:
  • Museum of African American History
  • Motown Museum
  • Michigan Science Center
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
  • Detroit Historical Museum
  • Arab American National Museum
  • Detroit Institute of Arts

A lot of Adventures!

Even though the city is urban there are also a lot of activities for those who like to spend time outdoors in the wonderful Metro Detroit area! Run, row, picnic, hike, swim! There’s something for everyone! Belle Isle Park is one of the 9 parks in Michigan, and it is the nation’s largest city park! Take a walk or just read a good book enjoying the park views! There are also 200 miles of public hiking trails, more than 3000 miles of the coastline (more than any other state except for Alaska) and more than 400 lakes in southeast Michigan! As we said, there’s something for everyone to do! Plenty of activities for you and your lovely family. These were the perks of living in Detroit! We hope you loved it and that this definitely made up your mind about moving to this wonderful place. We wish you good luck and a stressless move! Enjoy!  

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