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Knowing More about Residential Microgrid

Residential Microgrid

What is a Residential Microgrid? You may not have noticed it, but there are tons of problems going to your house when you are connected to a traditional energy line alone. For instance, if the main traditional line goes off,…

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Fenton Neighbors: Meet the Strayers

Fenton Fixtures John Strayer is a fixture in Fenton. About Fenton John had this to say: “This town will forever be tied to our family, in memories and photo albums. We’ve celebrated many accomplishments and milestones with ice cream at…

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Being a Friendly Neighbor in Your Place


Be a Friendly Neighbor for Great Living Not unless you are living in the middle of the woods, you will surely have a bunch of neighbors around your house. Of course, you cannot simply push them away, and you cannot…

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