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Bedroom Ideas to Transform a Free Space

Bedroom Ideas

If someone in your home moves out leaving you with an empty room, there are plenty of fun room ideas you can turn the vacant room into. For instance, if your newlywed daughter moves into her new husband’s house, you can…

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Ed Constable’s Start in Real Estate

Ed Constable's Start in Real Estate

My First Investment Property I don’t have any major updates to bring you, so I thought I would give you a little insight of my start in Real Estate.  August 29th was the 6 year anniversary from when I purchased my…

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5 Spokes of Life

spokes of life

Picture your life as a giant wheel.  On this wheel, there are five spokes, and they are all equally important to keep your wheel balanced, round, and rolling. Time management skills apply beyond our work and into all hours of…

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