5 Tips for Selling a House in a Slow Market

A slow housing market is no news in the U.S. With the increasing competition affecting prices, sellers take more and more time to dispose of their homes at a fair rate. As the inventory of single-family homes and condos keeps…

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Home Improvement Trends to watch for in 2019

Home Improvement

It would be wonderful if you’d improve your home along with the trend, especially that tons of home improvement concepts have developed these past years. This is true, especially upon thinking that technology constantly integrates itself further into the real…

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Keeping Pests Outdoors During the Cold Months


Winter could go extremely cold for everyone, and this includes for unwanted pests as well. Following their instincts, mice, roaches, flies and some other pests would look for a warm and cozy place to stay during the entire winter season.…

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How to Decorate Your First Home for Christmas

Have you recently moved into a new Michigan home and barely unpacked your bags when you came to realize that Christmas is just around the corner? Shopping malls are getting busier, decorative lights have turned the ordinary streets of your…

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