It is well known how in-demand New York City is. As a tourist attraction, art center, shopping destination, school district, etc. However, do not be fooled. Many people are gravitating towards New York, but many are looking to get out it as well. You might be wondering why. Well, for the same reasons we mentioned in the beginning. Being fast paced and super crowded might suit some, but on the other hand, it might repulse others. Especially those that have kids and that are looking for a calmer and more peaceful life. Many former New Yorkers have moved from NYC to Michigan. It was time to leave the Big Apple.

What makes Michigan an attractive state to move to

You might be confused and wondering what the appeal is. Why leave everything that New York has to offer and move to a state like Michigan? To satisfy your curiosity, here are some perks of living in Michigan.

Public university and affordable education 

What all parents want is to assure that their children have a bright future. The key to that is their education. Living in Michigan gives people the option to get a top-notch education at a much lower price. That being said, once graduates are done with college, they will have no or little college loan to pay off. Also, this implies that parents will have fewer bills to pay. If you are a parent, this might be enough to start looking for affordable boxes in NYC for your relocation.

Politics are often the talk of the town 

Michigan is known to be a swing state. Therefore, when it is election season, be prepared to be bombarded with political material and political rallies. This might not be a reason to move to this state, but it is a good fact to know. 

Home of the Coney Dog

Plain old hot dogs start to be a bore after some time. To shake things up a bit, try a Coney Dog. It is a hot dog with a spicy chili topping. Surely, if you are a foody at heart, this might persuade you to move to Michigan.

It is a great place for sports fanatics

Moving from NYC to Michigan might imply that you are giving up on the New York Knicks, Yankees, Mets, etc. However, there is no need to fall into a sports coma. Michigan has great sports teams that you can follow and support. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of college or professional sports because this state has it all. All you need to do is pick a team. There’s University of Michigan, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, etc. I wish the Pistons would return to their old glory days. That would make me move without a doubt.

Moving from NYC to Michigan will make you love the cool weather 

At first, it might seem like it is too cold and too much for you. However, after you get used to it, you will start to appreciate the beauty of snowy white winters. All you need to do is get a few extra pairs of UGG boots and a few new coats. Nature is stunning in the winter time. Nothing is better than having snowy white Christmases. If you are already persuaded, check out the current real estate trends and start house shopping.

Low and attractive real estate prices 

From 2000 to 2010, there was a decrease in Michigan’s population. This change in the population dynamics affected real estate prices. Consequently, many properties were available for sale. On the other hand, there weren’t that many buyers, so naturally the real estate prices dropped. After 2010, the population dynamics started changing for the better. People started migrating back to Michigan. The good thing is that real estate prices haven’t drastically increased. With rent and buying prices being super high in New York, it really isn’t a surprise that many are moving from NYC to Michigan.

Michigan also has sandy and beautiful beaches 

Are you worried that you will miss Brighton beach and walking on the pier? If you are worried, you still haven’t discovered all that Michigan has to offer. Michigan as a state doesn’t have contact with the ocean, however, it does have multiple lakes that you can enjoy. All the bigger lakes have astonishing beaches that you can experience. The best-known lakes are Lake Michigan, Lake Theron, Lake Superior, etc. Imagine having a waterfront home on one of these lakes. How great does that sound?

In case you are a craft beer fan, start packing 

Michigan is well known for making craft beer. Parents, listen to this. There are places where you can enjoy beer and at the same time watch your kid play on the playground. If there is such a place in New York City, please let us know.

The current population flow 

In the past few years, Michigan’ population has been steady and solid. People are not massively migrating from the state and there are decent migration waves coming into it. All in all, there is a great balance and the numbers are stable.

Ultimately, people are not moving from NYC to Michigan because Michigan is the best place to live and to raise a family. However, it does have many attractive qualities that might be able to improve their standard of living. Another very important thing is that people that move to Detroit and other Michigan cities, see the potential that these places have. They want to be a part of rebuilding this state and a part of its bright future.


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