Michigan Area Home Show

Michigan Area Home Show

Ask the Realtor

Michigan Area Home Show airs every Sunday at 11 am on NBC 25. The show features local homes for sale and local Realtors. Ed Constable is a featured Realtor for the Michigan Area Home Show! Catch him on air or watch the video clips here for tips on buying, selling, the market, and more!

Ed Constable is the featured Real Estate agent on the Michigan Area Home Show

The 2017 Market

Home prices are the highest they’ve been in years, and the availability of homes for sale is low. We are in a seller’s market, and Ed Constable has tips for how to highlight your home’s value to sell your home quickly.

What Sellers Need in a Realtor

Sellers today are looking for Realtors that know how to market their home. It’s important to price your home realistically while still maximizing home value, so choosing a Realtor who knows your local area is key. 

Preparing for an Open House

 Hosting an open house is important for your home selling process because it’s a great way to show your home to buyers, neighbors, family, or friends that could be interested in your home in one day. Advertising your home is a job for your Realtor, but there are things home sellers  can do to ensure a successful open house. You can prepare for your open house by de-cluttering, depersonalizing, inviting light in, and airing out your home! Check out Ed Constable’s tips here!

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