Probably you’re already tired of how your house design and style looks like. Thus, you want to do some trendy changes to make it look fantastic and fresh. Thankfully, you don’t really have to spend a lot just to do simple yet magnificent home updates. You just need to have some ideas, prepare less than a hundred dollars, and keep your creative juices flowing for best results.


Fantastic Home Updates Ideas you can do without Spending too much

Here are a few simple ideas to help you begin planning about doing home updates:


Wall Treatments

You can easily update your home interior by adding a fresh layer of paint on your walls. But if you don’t have enough budget to repaint all of your walls, you can simply add colors that can accentuate old and existing colors. Moreover, you can opt to have a statement wall that can fit with your home theme. You can even prefer using wallpapers instead of paint.

In addition, you can also place some picture frames, wall arts and even floating shelves on your walls. Be sure, however, not to overdo it to avoid making your place look cluttered.


Update Hardware Items

Consider updating hardware items, such as fixtures, faucets, and doorknobs in your home. Choose trendy styles or designs that won’t look odd when installing in your home. For example, you can switch your old faucet handle with a brass colored option on the trend today. These items can easily accentuate specific rooms in your home where you install them.


Update your Windows

You can do window updates to easily give a revamp to a specific room.  For example, consider repainting the window frames with a color that contrasts your wall. Many home updates also turn out great with the simple addition of new curtains and blinds. Of course, be sure to clean your windows and make them shine like new.


Buy Area Rugs

If you want to improve your floor but you don’t want to spend big, buy some area rugs instead. But carefully position them on strategic areas to optimize their purpose. For example, place small rugs in high traffic areas, such as hallways and doorways. Then, place large rugs beside or beneath your bed, or beneath your tables and living room chairs.


Swap your Throw Pillows and Lampshade Covers

You can quickly change the atmosphere of a room by swapping throw pillows and lampshades. For example, you can add little light blue throw pillows with bright yellow flower patterns for a coastal vibe in your living room. Also, switch the cover of your lampshades, and avoid using the one that came with it. You can choose a unique pattern, colors, and theme that matches your home.


Change your Beddings

If you want to update your bedroom, begin by giving a change to your bed. And you can easily do it by changing its bedding. For example, you can choose a totally different color of sheets, and prepare a set of pillowcases and blankets that match with it. That can easily change and improve the vibes of your bedroom.


Improve your Lightings

Finally, be sure to update your lightings as well. You can go for classic bright floodlights for ceiling lighting. Then, buy some desk lights for your room and other reading spots.


These are quick, easy and affordable home updates you can do to make your house appear fabulous and new. Just carefully choose the things you will need, and follow your creativity as you do the job.


Image Source: Freepik, Lumen5

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