Lobdell Lake

Lobdell Lake covers 545 acres and has a maximum depth of 78 feet. It’s an all-sports lake. Public access is on Seymour Road between Silver Lake Road and Glenn Hatt Street.  Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Black CrappieBluegill, Grass Pickerel, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Sunfish and Yellow Perch.  If you would like more fishing info click HERE. Lobdell’s bottom is varied made up of sand, mucky peat and gravel. One thing you need to be careful with close to some of the shores is stumps.  Lobdell lake was not always a lake so sometimes in the shallows your prop may hit a stump.  It’s located just north of Bennett Lake, and is connected to it by the north-south channel under Bennett Lake Rd. It’s bordered by Silver Lake Rd. on the north, Argentine Rd. on the west and Bennett Lake Rd.  Another cool thing about this lake is it has several islands.  Some of them are not built on, some have 20 plus homes like bluegill island and some have 1 home.

Things to do on Lobdell Lake

As soon as you go under the bridge from Lobdell lake to Bennet lake on the left hand side is Snappers bar and grill.  They have a good bar burger, reasonably priced drinks and a fantastic night life.  Saturday night are the real busy night at Snappers on the water where you will find people of all ages, a DJ and dancing.  In the summer they have a interior bar and a large outside bar when the weather is nice.  As far as lakes go Lobdell has a lot to offer.  Not only does it have Snappers, it has North shore Market.  It is a full party store, they also sell fantastic pizza and have several flavors of hand dipped ice cream.  It is a great way to brake up the day.  I have also hear rumors they are now for a fee delivering items out to the swimming hole that is located near blue gill island.

In the winter is is also a great lake to go ice fishing on.  In my opionion the most fun event they have all year is the Annual Chili Cook Off.  For this event on the ice hundred of people gather on the ice and several volunteers come together for a chili cook off competition.  I have been able to try many variations of chili here that I have never had anything like before.  There are typically more than 20 tents set up giving away chili.  What a fun event and I would recommend it.

Part of Lobdell Lake is in Genesee County and the other part is in Livingston County Searching for homes on Lobdell lake can be a little difficult with it being in 2 counties and also have 2 different mailing addresses.  Some of the lake has a Linden mailing address and other parts of the lake have a Fenton mailing.  This is one of the reasons that makes EdConstable.com the best website to search for waterfront homes because of its capability to search for waterfront and lakefront houses by lake.

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Lobdell Lake Public Access

Public Access on Lobdell in Linden, MI

I have heard through the grape vine that people are at the public access on lobdell lake have been going to extreme measure to be able to get there boat in on weekends.  Long lines are very common at the public access on Lobdell Lake and Lake Fenton but people are know know and putting their vehicle and boat in line the night before.  They will going out on Friday night after most of the people have taken their boat off the lake and park it along the entrance drive.  They then go home for the night and very early in the morning they come back out so they are able to get make it on the the lake.  Some people also will drive past the line and drop their boat.  You can do this most of the time if you do not need a place to park your truck and trailer.  If you do not own a place to park your truck and trailor the local public school is a option and then you can walk down and have the person driving the boat pick up up at the restaurant on Silver Lake Rd.