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Damages could not be avoided all throughout a year in your home. Thus, it would be great if you are prepared when you need repairs on some of your appliances and utilities. A home warranty could serve such a purpose for your home, especially that it could cover stuff that is not included in your homeowners’ insurance policy. You just have to know more about it for you to decide whether it could help you or not.

Things You Should Know About Home Warranty

Of course, it is wise to know more about home warranty before actually availing it. After all, there are instances where it is very impractical to have.

What is Home Warranty to Begin with?

Home warranties are contract services that will cover your house repairs in a year. Availing home warranties means putting some utilities and appliances in your house under its coverage, so you can easily contact your home warranty provider when you need repair. If your sink has leakage, for example, you can use your home warranty to have it fixed in no time.

How does Home Warranty Work?

Similar to insurance policies, you need to pay annual fees to home warranties for it to cover your household stuff. Usually, a home warranty costs around $350-600 per year, plus a small flat rate of around $60 each time you avail of their service. When you pay for basic annual charges, it usually covers its basic stuff like kitchen appliances, electrical and plumbing utilities, dryers and washers, and your heating and cooling system. If you want some other stuff to be covered, you need to pay an additional charge for it.

However, home warranties only cover things that are in good condition, and they will only repair it when it gets damage despite proper maintenance and usage. When you need repair for something that is covered with the warranty, you just have to send them an email, and the repair service truck will come to your doorstep.

Should You Avail Home Warranty or Not?

To make it easy for you to decide, it is best to avail home warranties when your home and the stuff in it are just new. After all, home warranties will not cover homes and stuff that are in bad condition. If you think your stuff is all in good condition, you should definitely cover them with a reliable home warranty to give you peace of mind in case you need repair.

The next thing you should think about is on which stuff should you include under the coverage of a home warranty. Of course, you should not miss the basic inclusions like your electric and plumbing utilities, heating and cooling system, washers and dryers, and your kitchen appliances. You can then consider having other stuff like your roofing under the cover as well. On such angle, it is best to gauge which among your things that are in good condition but would have a high chance to acquire damages in a year.

Of course, covering your house under a warranty if you plan to sell it can also help in pushing up its value on the market. Not only that you can have a bigger price tag on it, but buyers will also be attracted to have your house because of the benefits of the warranty. It is also great to put your newly bought home under warranty coverage if it still does not have one.

Those are just a few of the things you should know about the home warranty, and how can it help you and your household. Carefully weigh all the factors, for you to have the best decision without regrets.

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