Solar Panels

Solar panels let you harness natural energy directly from the sun. It’s a great way to reduce your energy usage from the grid significantly. That translates to miniscule monthly electrical bills, while efficiently powering much of your home.

But solar systems for home aren’t simple add-ons. These are complex equipment which require the right decisions from you before installation. You should find the right set to purchase, hire a reliable installation contractor, and gauge your roofing among many other considerations. Skipping to think of such factors would lead to bigger hassles and expenses later on.

That’s why you must know the key factors to consider before buying and installing solar systems.


Want Solar Panels? Keep these Factors in Mind beforehand

Choose the Right Panels

Begin by choosing the best panels available today. Here’s a couple of factors to remember:


There are two types of solar systems available. One is the Photovoltaic panels, or the popular system which converts solar energy into electricity. And the other is thermal panels, or the system which directly uses solar energy for a home’s heating system or for heating water. Choose one most suitable for your needs.

Quality and Durability

Do not recklessly buy panels because their cheap. Although panels today have lesser price tags than few years ago, they still cost around $10,000 to $30,000. Needless to say, high quality and durable options are much more expensive to purchase. But they are wiser investments since they would last long while providing better rates of energy.


The best panels have 25 to 30 years warranty. That’s enough to cover 80% of the working lifespan of a set. If you found one which has shorter coverage, remember that it’s already below the industry standard. Better avoid it.


Make Sure it’s Suitable to your Roofing

Before installing solar panels, be sure your roofing can accommodate it. You wouldn’t want your roof to fall because of the weight of the panels. So, it’s best to inspect your roof first. Or if you’re ought to refurbish your roofing in few years or so, better do it now before installing the panels.


Aim for Quality Installation

Quality installation means you won’t have any problems from your new equipment on the roof. And here are few good indicators to take note, which you should discuss with a reliable contractor:

Proper Positioning

First, your panels should be facing southward or westward depending on your location. Those are the two most optimal positions for a panel, in which it would harness the most energy from the sun. Ideally, the panel should capture much of the sun’s energy from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Quality System

It’s not just about the panels on your roof. It’s about the entire solar system in your home as well. Talk with the contractor about how to operate and maintain the system. Then, see how its connection goes in your home, and how it delivers excess electricity to the grid.

Efficient Drainage

Lastly, the panels shouldn’t affect the drainage system of your roof and gutter. So, talk with the contractor about the positioning plan regarding such angle.  Be sure they’d come up twitch the best placement for the panels to allow rain and storm water flow properly.


These are the key factors in buying and installing solar panels for your home. If you still have doubts, focus on finding a reliable contractor first. They can guide you from start to finish in having a quality solar system at home.


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