Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Watch Out for Your Pets This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and you are probably laying out your big plans. However, while you’re having all of your fun, don’t forget to take the necessary measures to make sure your furry friends feel safe and secure during the holiday weekend.

A list of the most common incidences during the holiday is the occurrence of runaways, animals getting sick due to noise disturbances (such as firecrackers) and you have all the power in the world to make sure that nothing bad happens to your beloved pet this Fourth.


How Do I Keep My Pets Safe through the Fourth of July or Holidays?

Though it is certainly difficult to prevent a unfortunate events, you can certainly avoid them with few simple steps. Just remember these tips, and you can surely keep your loved ones happy throughout this holiday season.

  • Start by having identification or tracking methods

In the event that a pet could run away, a few simple steps can be taken to retrieve them. It could be as simple as an ID card on your pet’s collar in case they are found, or you could make sure you’ve microchipped your pet. If those options aren’t up your alley, identification tattoos are also available in some veterinary centers. This is to provide a method of identifying your pet should they be found.

  • Keep an eye on your pet at all times.

We all know the feeling of looking away for that one slight second. One glance away and Fido barrels down the street without pause. Although you can tag your pet with identification should they get lost, you’ll still want to avoid them straying away to begin with. Always keep an eye on your pets–after all you wouldn’t take your eyes off your children, would you? Keeping the doors locked may not be enough in some instances; should the entering and exiting of friends and family let them slip out. Either leash them to keep them a part of the fun, or crate them with toys to give them comfort.

  • Remember, if you’re hot; they’re hot.

The heat of summer days could be unbearable for your pets. This could be multiplied when more guests come in your house letting in the hot, muggy air. Thus, you should make sure enough water is on hand for your pets to drink from time to time, and refill should they run out. Moreover, keep them under the shades to avoid direct exposure to the heat and make sure to contact your vet right away if you notice some symptoms of heatstroke. These include small amounts of urine, muscle tremors, and excessive drooling or panting.

  • A fed pet is the best pet.

As you prepare that summer feast for everyone before the big show starts, you should remember food for your pets as well. Remember to give them a well balanced meal within their regular dietary needs (and not Aunt Gertrude’s coleslaw).

  • Keep them away from the big show.

Loud sound and bright flashing lights can easily cause stress to your pets. It’s not exactly a natural occurrence for them to watch airborne explosions for fun. They have sharper senses after all, so firecrackers and a blasting sound system could greatly disturb them. You should keep them in a quiet room where they can relax.

Those are just few of the points you should remember to help in keeping your pets’ safety on the Fourth of July or holidays. Take note of these easy considerations and you’ll never have to worry about your pet’s holiday turning sour.

Image Source: Pexels / Pixabay

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