Winter could go extremely cold for everyone, and this includes for unwanted pests as well. Following their instincts, mice, roaches, flies and some other pests would look for a warm and cozy place to stay during the entire winter season.

Thus, it’s typical for winter pest to creep their way into your home. Thing is, you would want to keep them out.

You wouldn’t want to deal with pest infestation during festive months, after all. This makes it important for you to do some steps to keep winter pest outdoors.


How to Keep Pest Away from Your Cozy Home during Winter

It could be difficult to keep pests outdoor during winter especially that you need to deal with lots of small creatures that you can easily miss. Fortunately, there are five general steps you can do to shield your home from winter pest.


1.      Seal Any Openings and Entrance

If you don’t want pests to go inside, block holes, openings and all other possible entrance where they could pass. Note that mice could pass through gaps as big as a dime, thus you should examine your walls, ceiling and some other house parts for it.

Note to seal the weather stripping of your doors and windows, then seal the openings of entry holes for utility lines. Consider placing screens on your windows as well, but make sure mice couldn’t bite their way through.


2.      Clean Up Your Kitchen

Food is one of the driving force that attracts pests to go in your home. Thus, it’s best to clean up your kitchen and make sure to throw away any leftovers in a sealed container.

Also, keep your food stocks in the fridge or sealed container, and consider putting them on higher places. Wash your dishes immediately after meals too, and do it thoroughly to avoid attracting pests.


3.      Deal with Moisture Properly

Water is another factor that attracts pests easily, thus they tend to stay in places with too much moisture. Knowing this, you should make sure to keep unnecessary moisture away from your home.

Monitor your basements and plumbing systems. Make sure there are no leaks, seeps or water accumulations. Also, fix your walls and ceiling, and ensure there are no holes where water could seep through.


4.      Get Rid of Potential Pest Habitat

Clean up your house, and make sure there are no spots where pests would love to stay. Keep cluttered boxes, papers, and even garbage bins away.

Make sure to pile your firewood around 20ft away from your home to avoid having them walk right through your place. Also, clear shrubs, bushes and tall grasses off your yard around 5 to 10ft from your home.


5.      Hire Pest Exterminator

Finally, if you think your house is already infested with pests, you should hire pest extermination services as soon as possible. Aside from eliminating the pests in your house and the spot they consider as a nesting area, it can also help in preventing even more pests to come in your house.

Thing is, always choose a reliable pest exterminator to make sure of having best results. Moreover, this can also ensure you of them using pest control processes that wouldn’t harm your family’s health.

Take note of these steps, for you to keep winter pest outside your home throughout the cold months. Thing is, you can also apply these stuff all throughout the year, to make sure that pest wouldn’t have any chance to infest your home.


These steps can help keep you, your family and your entire household free from annoying pest, thus no need to worry about them creeping in your place.


Image Source: Freepik

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