DIY projects

You don’t need to spend huge bucks and hire expert contractors to improve the looks of your home. All you need are simple ideas, materials you need and some creative juices to come up with simple DIY projects to do all over your home. It makes your home refreshing to live, fabulous for your visitors and excellent for potential buyers.


Boost your Home with These Simple DIY Projects

Cleaning Tasks

To begin with, make your house sparkle for you to work smoothly through your project.  This includes simply sweeping the floor, wiping kitchen cabinets, removing all clutters and even power washing your external walls and pavement. This eliminates all uncertainties that cause problems on doing some DIYs, such as dirt mixing into the paint.


Give your Door an Uplift

Completely removing your old door for a new one is a great DIY home project idea. Choose a door with an elegant yet simple design, and with color that matches your exterior. But for you to save cash, simply repaint your door, and replace the knob with an affordable yet shiny one.

Also, update your number plate if the old one already looks battered through the years. Consider replacing your doormat as well, and put some potted plants on both sides of the door.


Repaint your Walls

Next, consider adding a fresh layer of paint on your wall.  But be sure to remove old and tattered wallpapers before starting the task. Moreover, light or neutral color paint is great for DIY projects if you plan to sell your home.


Update Windows

It’s also a great idea to do some modifications on your window. You can repaint its frame or replace its glass. Moreover, replacing blinds, curtains and curtain rods do wonders too. Be sure, however, to match the color theme of your windows with the design and style of your home interior and exterior.


Improve your Kitchen

Doing some tweaks in your kitchen is also a fascinating idea. Begin by giving your kitchen cabinet some upgrade, and it’s easy to do using a can of paints and knob replacements. Next, replace the sink faucet and its fixture as well. Be sure to buy fixtures and faucets that fit with the existing mold on your sink.


Upgrade your Bathroom

Upgrading a bathroom seems costly. That could be true if you’d include replacing the toilet, sink and doing major renovation underneath. But other minor changes do wonders in a bathroom as well, such as replacing towel bars, replacing faucet and shower fixtures and repainting walls among other DIYs.


Upgrade Lighting

Finally, it’s great to upgrade, change or add lighting all over your home. Change the fixture and buy newer models of lights. For example, ditch old fluorescent bulb, and choose LED lights instead. Also, consider light systems with advanced features, such as automatic night lights and smart lights which changes its brightness upon cue.

Moreover, do not miss to install sufficient lighting on your home exterior as well. Consider adding motion-sensing lights on your yard to deter burglars, or to simply give light to people on your yard.


With these simple DIY projects, it’s definitely easy to improve your home and make it look fabulous. Be sure, however, to use quality and great-looking materials for best results. Moreover, plan your every step to guide you.


Image Source: Freepik, Lumen5

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