You’ve just closed the deal and finally bought a new home under your name. That’s great, and you certainly deserve to relax after a long tedious home buying process. Thing is, you can’t simply move in and finally rest yet. There are important things you must do beforehand to keep potential problems away.

What you must do after Buying a New Home but Before Moving In

Before you bring your things and move into your newly bought home, you must do these essential things first:

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Change and Update Locks

This isn’t about thinking that the former of the home is a burglar. But this is a about keeping your family from possible vulnerabilities of the home’s security. Mainly because of possibly existing spare keys somewhere, or some people who knows the code of the gates or garage door.

Hence, change the physical locks all over your home, from the gate, the main door, the back door and the rooms. This includes windows if there are any locks on them. Update passkeys of digital locks as well, such as those on automated gates.

Check Home Inspection Report

During the home buying process, you’ve hired a home inspector to check all corners of the house. You’ve probably implemented another inspection just before closing too. Now, if the inspector noticed anything wrong in the home, they’d put it in the home inspection report. Use such report as a guide for home maintenance and repairs.

If the inspector noted a problem in the plumbing system, for example, fix it or hire a plumber to do the job. So, the water supply in your new home is ready before moving in. This is also essential in knowing if everything in the home is working fine, such as the appliances as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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Connect Utilities

To make your new house livable, be sure all utilities are ready before moving in. This includes water, electricity, phone and internet among other necessities. Contact local utility providers in the area to do the job for you.

Be sure, however, that all utility lines within the home have no problems. The home inspection report can tell it to you. If you notice any uncertainties, fix it before having utilities connected. This is also a good chance to study the wiring and plumbing system of the home, so you’d know how to turn it off or on conveniently.

Home Improvement


It’s fun to repaint. The good thing is, the house is yours so there’s no limit on the colors you want to put on the walls.  If you’d do it before moving in, you don’t have to worry about moving furniture, appliances and other items just to paint. No worries about splashing paints on household items too.

Plan Maintenance Procedures for the Home

Aside from the initial fixes you’d do, you need to maintain the home in the years to come. Generally, you must keep about 1% equivalent of the purchase price of the home for maintenance annually.

Then, identify the spots and things that require ongoing maintenance. Think of power washing exterior, changing air conditioning filters, cleaning gutters and even roofing maintenance when needed. Coming up with a maintenance plan helps you prepare for such needed upkeeps every now and then, instead of merely getting surprised when something goes wrong.

Keep these things in mind after you purchased a new home, but before your entire family moves in. This is making a new property ready for your new life in it.

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