Incidents of fire drastically increase during the cold months, especially on the festive holidays like Christmas and New Year. Of course, you wouldn’t want to deal with such horrible incidents regardless of it being in the holiday season or not, and you want to keep your family away from the dangers of fire.

This makes it important for you to take note of your home’s fire safety, so you can enjoy the festivities of the season without any worries about a fire breaking out.


Tips in Keeping Your Home’s Fire Safety on the Holidays

To help in keeping your home away from fire incidents during the holiday season, here are a few tips you can take note:


Enough Fire Safety Features

Always start by adding features in your home that could shield you from a fire. This could include fire extinguishers that could deal with any types of fires, automatic smoke and fire alarms, sprinklers and fire repellant paints among others.


Handle Fire Sources Carefully

Take note to handle possible sources of open-fire carefully. You can begin by keeping matches, lighters and other similar stuff away from kids, so they can’t play with it especially when you’re away.

Also remember to ask your family members and guests to smoke outside your home, and dispose of cigars properly. It’s also best to install a screen in front of your fireplace, so embers wouldn’t pop out easily.


Remember Cooking Precautions

Always be careful while you cook, especially when you’re dealing with multiple stuff on holiday preparations. It would be best never to leave the kitchen throughout the entire cooking process, so you could easily notice fire starting to break out.

Note that around 4 to 7% of holiday fires start from cooking fire sources.


Setup and Handle Indoor Decorations Carefully

In setting up indoor Christmas decorations, always remember the principle of keeping flammable objects at least 3ft away from fire sources like candles for your fire safety. Moreover, remember to check all wirings of your electrical decors like Christmas lights, and throw away anything with faulty connections despite it still somehow working.

Also, take note to water your Christmas tree every day if you have a live tree for it, and dispose of it away right after New Year. Remember that dry trees are very combustible and are one of the main causes of open-fires during holidays.


Handle Outdoor Decors Carefully too

Use outdoor decors that are intended for outdoor use, which could include outdoor Christmas lights and extension wires among others. Carefully install everything, and make sure nothing is near metallic objects, and all are away from snow and water.

Also note not to allow any objects to pinch your wirings, like having a piece of furniture placed over it. Finally, only have your outdoor decors for 90 days, as factors could ruin its wirings like squirrels munching on it.


Remember Fireworks Safety Usage

Always follow your local place’ rules and regulation in using fireworks, and never allow children to light fireworks without supervision. Moreover, don’t light fireworks near buildings or trees, and never try to relight a firecracker that didn’t explode.

You simply want to enjoy fireworks and don’t wish to start a fire or acquire serious injuries because of it.

Remember these tips for you to keep your home and family’s fire safety all throughout the holiday season. Start by ensuring protective features an alarm in your house, and making sure your decors are all properly set.

After which, inform your family about safety habits in using fire, like in cooking, lighting and disposing of stuff. This way, you can surely enjoy the festivity of the holidays without any worries about dealing with fire-related incidents.


Image Source: Freepik

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