The closing of the home buying transaction is a daunting phase for many sellers. After all, it involves a lot of vital points to remember. And because you want to have a smooth sailing process without missing anything, you should keep a closing checklist as a guide. It can help you remember all the vital factors about the house, about the documents and the important processes to accomplish before closing.


The Closing Checklist for a Smoother Process

Without further ado, here’s the checklist you should keep for a smoother closing transaction:


Compile your Documents

It’s important to keep all the vital documents in one place so you don’t have to worry when you need them. Yes, your realtor or the escrow agent can hide it for you, but it’s still best to have few copies on hand. This is to easily have some copies when the situation demands, such as when the buyer or their attorney asks for it.


Comply with Required Inspections

Know the real estate selling legislation of your state, then know the inspections you should comply before closing. For example, some states require certifications for sewer, well and carbon monoxide alarm inspections. And yes, it’s best to do it even before you put your property on the market to avoid hassles. Moreover, this is to avoid headaches when the buyer brings in a home inspector in your place.


Notify Entities that you’re moving

It’s important to include in your closing checklist about notifying specific entities before you close your old home and move to another place. This includes post office, newspapers and magazine subscriptions among other services. Tell them when you’re planning to move, and inform them about your new address. You wouldn’t want the new owners to receive your private emails, while you wait for nothing in your new place.


Cancel Utilities and Insurance

Be sure to cancel utilities before moving out, so they would stop charging bills to you. This includes your electricity, water, cable, internet, and landline among others. In addition, be sure to cancel your old insurance as well, since you don’t have to keep them for a home which is already not yours.


Conduct a thorough Cleaning

Next, be sure to clean every corner of your home before moving out. This is a good gesture that you welcome the new owners in. Moreover, gather all the small yet vital utilities in a drawer, such as the room keys, remotes and warranty documents among others.


Walk the Buyer through

You know the house more than any other person, thus you should welcome the buyer in your home to walk through. Tell them all about the home, and inform them about minor notes, such as reverse switches. This way, you can help the buyer begin to feel comfortable while inside.


Conduct a Final Check and Close Everything

Finally, check the entire home one last time before you leave. Be sure you didn’t leave anything behind, especially if it’s a vital document or necessity. In addition, be sure to close everything, such as the water valves. Of course, lock all the doors, drop all the drapes and close all the windows so no one could break in before the buyer moves in.

These are the important reminders you should include in your closing checklist, so you can have a guide for a smoother process. Although these guidelines seem small, they can actually save you from a lot of hassles along the way.


Image Source: Freepik, Lumen5

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