Want to transform your home into the spookiest place on the block this Halloween season? Becoming the envy of the neighborhood does not necessarily require spending more money than everyone else. With our simple, inexpensive decorating ideas and your crafty skills, you can turn your house into a haunted mansion in no time and celebrate Halloween in the suburbs in style.

Why Halloween in the suburbs is the best

Halloween in the suburbs is no joke. The whole month of October is dedicated to Halloween and people are really into it. Suburban neighborhoods truly look like Halloween Towns so you can’t be the only one with a boring house with no decor. Besides, this is a great chance to meet local families if you have recently decided to buy a home in a suburban area and move.

The suburbs are the best places to go trick-or-treating. It typically starts early, right after school, which gives you a lot of time to mingle and bond with neighbors. But it’s not just one night. There are many fun things to do in the suburbs during the weeks before Halloween. These activities include pumpkin patches, haunted houses, fall festivals, costume contests, trunk-or-treats, hayrides, corn mazes, parties, and parades. So, embrace the holiday spirit, join the fun and be a friendly neighbor.

How to decorate the outdoor space

Make your front porch or the entire yard ready for Halloween in the suburbs with these budget-friendly decorations.

Flying ghosts

Draw eyes and mouths on white balloons. Cover the balloons with gauze fabric and tie them to the trees in your yard. They will move in the wind and look like spooky flying ghosts.


Place a scarecrow in your front yard to greet your guests and trick-or-treaters. You can make it male or female, scary or friendly – the choice is yours. Use lumber for its torso, arms, and legs, and a carved pumpkin for its head. Dress it in old, torn clothes, and voila – you have a classic Halloween mascot for your outdoor space.

Giant eyeballs

Take a ball your kids don’t use and clean it. When it is completely clean and dry, apply an even coat of white spray paint to the ball. Add more coats of paint if necessary. Next, use a smaller bowl to paint a perfect circle (pupil) on the ball. Fill the circle in with black paint. Then, use blue or green paint to draw a circle (iris) around the pupil. After the paint dries, use red paint to draw squiggly lines on the white part of the ball. Make several creepy eyeballs of different sizes and scatter them all over your front yard.


When moving into your new suburban home, let professionals handle transportation of bulky items but save the moving boxes. Flatten a cardboard box, cut it in the shape of a tombstone and paint it dark grey. Write a funny epitaph, such as C.U. Later, Gil O’Teen, Al B. Back, Barry D. Alive, Emma Goner, Emma Ghost or Wee G. Bord. Make several tombstones and transform your yard into a spooky graveyard.

Bloody footprints

Fake blood is a classic prop you can use to decorate pretty much anything when preparing for Halloween in the suburbs. Step into washable red paint with your bare feet, then walk towards your front door carrying your paint supply with you so you can re-dip your feet. When you get to the door, there will be a trail of bloody footprints behind you. Make sure you have a towel to step on and wipe your feet when you finish.

Halloween wreath

You can make a creepy Halloween wreath or a fall-inspired wreath that is just as beautiful as a Christmas wreath. Craft stores sell natural grapevine wreaths you can use as a basis. Prepare some acorns, pinecones, tiny pumpkins and leaves that you can find in the park or buy at the same craft store and glue them to your wreath. Alternatively, buy a wire wreath form at a local craft store and knot small pieces of fabric onto it until it is fully covered. Embellish it (with plastic spiders, bats, etc.) and hang it on your front door.

How to decorate the indoor space

Scare and impress your Halloween party guests by decorating the inside of your home as well. If you are bored with the traditional Halloween props, such as skeletons, cobwebs, and jack-o’-lanterns, here are some less common solutions.

Window silhouettes

Use paper cutouts to decorate your windows. Cut pieces of black paper in the shape of cats, spiders, witches, jack-o’-lanterns or any other shape and adhere the cutouts to your window. This window décor is even more effective at night when you turn on the indoor lights.

Severed hands

Prepare plastic gloves and fill them with popcorn, tissue paper, leftover packing supplies, or jelly for a more realistic, jiggly hand. Then, use clear elastic band to tie the open ends. If you fill the gloves with candy, you can use them as Halloween-themed treat bags. Place the gloves around the house or use them to shake hands. You can even create a spooky garland of hands.

Specimen jars

Make your table look like a mad scientist’s lab using leftover glass jars or other pieces of suitable glassware. Wash a jar and put a small, creepy object inside. You can throw pretty much anything in the jar – from plastic spiders to ping pong balls painted to look like eyeballs. If possible, fill the jar with water and add a few drops of food coloring into the water. Make funny, handwritten labels for the jars (for example, ‘’Brains’’ for a jar containing cauliflower).


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