It could be a headache to host Thanksgiving, especially if you’re expecting a large number of guests to come. However, that should not be the case because it is a day of festivity and fun! Thing is, you can surely push your worries out the window by celebrating the day in a budget-friendly way, even if you have a relatively small space to accommodate all the guests.


Tips on Hosting Thanksgiving Practically

Key is, you need to draft your budget carefully and plan your use of space to execute the thanksgiving practically. To help you, here are a few tips you can consider:


Spread Out Your Expenses Weeks before the Big Day

You do not have to hurt your wallet in one blow of large expenses. Right after Halloween, you can start purchasing small items. This is to help in spreading out your expenses, which could be more convenience and less worry for you.

For instance, consider buying non-perishable ingredients a couple of weeks before the celebration. You can include canned goods and few condiments, or those you can put in the fridge until Thanksgiving.


Plan the Number of Your Guests

It’s not bad to plan about how much guests to expect. You can have only your close family and friends, then politely tell them not to bring any other people because of limited space. This way, you can easily plan your every step, like estimating the amount of food and the number of utensils you need.


Think of Your Utensils and Space Availability

If you have a small space, having a large table where everyone could eat all together could be an impractical choice. Thus, you should plan your place’ layout carefully, along with the utensils you are going to use.

Try coming up with multiple dining areas like in the living room, yard, or even making floor available to sit without chairs. Throw in some pillows for the guests to sit upon. You can also ask your guests if they could bring extra chairs or foldable tables too.

You can also plan to put your buffet on emptied bookshelves. Moreover, consider having the drinks in a separate area, to help avoid your guests squeezing each other.

Moreover, if you do not have enough plates and other utensils for everyone, you can borrow some from the guests, or renting some. You can also purchase affordable plates from your local dollar store. After all, fancy china plates are not your only option.


Plan Your Menu and Its Cooking Process

Of course, turkey is the center of every Thanksgiving table, but you can have it off depending on your preference. You can have it fried or grilled for a change as well. Aside from the bird, you would also love to have side dishes. Consider cooking them a few days before the celebration, and simply keep them in the fridge.

You can also plan to have other dishes that you can cook on the stove. Do not rely on your oven too much. If you’re still cooking the turkey which will take hours, for instance, you can do other no-baked dishes while waiting.


Be Practical with Your Decors

You do not have to put in too many decorations all over your place. Aside from it being a costly option, it can easily overwhelm your guests as well. Simply put in some decors that would fit the occasion without having it too much will do great.

These are just a few tips that you can take note to host Thanksgiving in a very practical yet great way. It can help you come up with an enjoyable celebration for the season, without worrying about having too many guests in your home. This way, everyone can surely have fun, which definitely includes you as well.


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