Horizon Lakes Airpark


Horizon Lakes Air Park has been an active Residential Airport Neighborhood with 15 homes already. It was built from the ground up to be the finest airport living in the Midwest. Prices Airport features an 11-year-old 4000’ x 75’ runway with 3 IFR approaches. The facility impeccably mowed and groomed. The location is hard to beat in Linden, MI and Very Close to Fenton MI. It is surrounded by inland lakes like Silver Lake, Byram Lake, and Lobdell Lake.

Horizon Lakes Development completed a brand new runway in 2004. It was much more than just resurfacing the old runway. In some areas, the surface was raised around 2.5 feet. This project was a team effort between the Michigan Aeronautics Commission and the Horizon Lakes Development. The greatest goal is to have a facility that is capable of handling everyone’s need.

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