Homes for Sale on Loon Lake

Loon Lake is located in Fenton MI and has a surface area of 159 feet. Although this is a shallow, all sports lake, people who live on it still enjoy all the water sports. These sports include wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing. Most of the lake is the same depth, so you do not have to worry about sandbars in the middle. Most people that live on this lake have pontoons, but there are still ski boats, speed boats, and wakeboard boats. The lake does not have a public access point, people who live on the lake use the party stores’ access off Jennings Road. The party store is called The Hayloft, but it is commonly known as Rays. Ray owns the slip on the lake and the party store across the street from the lake. This is convenient for when you’re on the lake and realize you forgot snacks or drinks, or that you need something for the boat. If this happens, you can pull up to the launch, walk across Jennings Rd to the store and get what you need.

Buying on Loon Lake

Homes on this lake range in size and price, some of the older, smaller homes are on Minnetonka Dr and Loon Lake Ct. A lot of the newer homes are on Breeze Point Ct and Cahokia Ridge and on Harborview Dr. Most the new homes on the lake tend to be large in size, and on large lots. The lots on Minnetonka can be small at times. There is a small swimming access for the homes in the neighborhood off Minnetonka, that is not on the lake. Those streets include Osage Dr and Mohawk Dr. on the other side of Jennings Rd is all-sports, Crane Lake. Although the lakes are very close together, only being separated by the road, they do not connect. Approximately, 25% of the shoreline on Loon Lake has not been developed mainly due to it being low, marshy land.