Homes for Sale in Owosso, MI

Homes for Sale in Owosso, MI

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Ed Constable has provided some information below for anyone considering one of the properties, land, or homes for sale in Owosso, MI, a medium-sized city in Shiawassee County on the eastern side of Owosso Township.
In the early 18th century, the Owosso area was first settled by Europeans Alfred L. and Benjamin O. Williams which were early settlers to the town who built the first permanent homes. The area was named after a Chippewa chief named Wasso and was incorporated as a city in 1859 with a population of about 1,000 people.  Owosso has a large stock of pre-World War II architecture, making it one of the older and most historic cities in the country with a firm uniqueness as it never had a period as a village.
Geographically, according to the 2010 census, the city has a total area of 5.37 square miles (13.91 km2), of which 5.23 square miles (13.55 km2) is land and 0.14 square miles (0.36 km2) is water. Owosso now has a population of about 14,779 people, making it the 79th largest community in Michigan with a variety of racial and ethnic groups and 6,161 households and 3,779 families residing in the city.
Unlike some cities where white-collar or blue-collar occupations dominate the local economy, Owosso is neither predominantly one nor the other. Instead, it has a mixed workforce of both white- and blue-collar jobs. Overall, Owosso is a city of sales and office workers, service providers, and professionals.
The City thrives economically and residents enjoy many local events, activities, and recreational opportunities from its Arts Center, the Movie Theater, and the Curwood Castle Museum. The community is also made up of several golf clubs, shopping areas, dining establishments, and other entertainment facilities. Owosso is also home to Baker College of Owosso.
The city is also home to other attractions, such as:

  • Movie Museum
  • Sleepy Hollow State Park
  • Flushing Area Museum
  • Michigan Historical Center

Whether you are visiting the city or looking for a place to call home, Owosso is a great place to live, learn, work, and play.

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