Homes for Sale on Barnum Lake

Homes for sale on the lake rarely come on the market but when they do they usually don’t sit around long. Barnum Lake is conveniently located in Fenton Twp. With neighborhood streets off Wiggins Rd and North Long Lake Rd. Although this lake is very close to Lake Fenton, they do not connect. Homes on Barnum Lake can vary in size from a weekend cottage to nice, family homes. This is a no wake lake where gas engines are allowed. Most people on this lake have small pontoon boats so they can get out to the center of the lake to fish. Even on an enjoyable day, this lake will have very little to no traffic because there are not a ton of homes on the lake and there is no public access. A cool thing about this lake is that The FirePlace Bar is on it, aka The Place. This bar has a pretty good menu and a fun nightlife with music and dancing. If you are looking for homes for sale on Barnum Lake click the link below and check some out! If nothing appears, this is not uncommon because only about one home a year sells on this lake. If you are interested in looking to buy a waterfront home in Fenton, MI call Ed Constable, a waterfront expert.

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