A home warranty is a good consideration to have, especially in buying a new real estate property. It basically covers various stuff in your home, which is not covered by insurance policies.

Such kind of warranty covers repairs and replacements of different household appliances, parts utility lines, and other stuff. All you need to do is to look for a reliable home warranty service provider, like America’s Preferred Home Warranty Inc., and they’d find the best repair and utility services that you need.

You just have to pay an annual charge to the warranty provider, then pay a relatively low flat rate to the servicemen who’ll come in your home.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Warranty

You can avail home warranty by connecting with a service provider, or when you buy a new home that includes such an offer. Thing is, it would be best to weigh its pros and cons first, so you can decide if it’s perfect for your household or not.


Pros of Home Warranty

  • It can give you peace of mind

Probably the biggest pros of such warranty, it can give you peace of mind knowing that you can have repairs and replacements for your household items. All you need is to cover all the possible items in your house under it, so you can have them repaired or replaced when necessary.

  • Let you can fantastic convenience

Usually, when you need repair for a thing in your house, you need to manually look for a repair service you can trust for it. Having a home warranty can eliminate such hassle, since the service provider will be the one connecting with trusted repair service, and send them to your place.

  • It’s much cheaper on many angles

Although you need to pay for annual charges and service flat rates, a home warranty is still much cheaper than having regular repair services. With warranty, you only need to pay around $350 annual charges and $60 for flat rates regardless of the service. On the other hand, you need to pay thousands of dollars for regular services.


Cons of Home Warranty

  • It has strict qualifications

Home warranties have strict qualifications on covering household items. Say, they won’t cover appliances which are already in bad condition, or items which are significantly old.

Aside from strict coverage qualifications, they also don’t accept repairs on certain items. Say, you covered your washing machine under the warranty and it was damaged because of abusive usage, they won’t repair it for you.

  • They lean on doing repairs before replacements

They prefer to do repairs and often see a replacement as last resort. This means they’ll prefer to repair your stuff as much as possible, and will just replace it when all repairs prove to be fruitless. This also makes home warranties useless if you want upgrades.

  • You got no control over the services

The warranty service provider will choose the repair service for you, and the repair servicemen will decide on how to solve your problem. Basically, you have the minimum to no control over the process, aside from paying for the service, letting the warranty service provider know if you need help, and letting repair service do their job.


Now that you already have an overview of the pros and cons of home warranty, it’s up to you if you’d avail it or not. However, you should still look for a service provider you can trust, like America’s Preferred Home Warranty Inc., for the best deals.

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