It’s common for many property sellers to conduct open houses when putting their home on the market. It seems a wonderful way to attract potential buyers and sell properties immediately, after all. Thing is, truth says otherwise.

Open house events are actually bringing bigger cons than benefits for many sellers! And these are disadvantages that sellers often ignore, especially when they trust their real estate agent too much. Of course, you wouldn’t want to fall on such pitfalls while selling your house. Thus, you should weigh some factors carefully before coming up with an open house event.


What to Know about Open Houses before Organizing One

Before you open your house to the public, be sure to know about these vital points and carefully weigh them up:


It’s quite inconvenient

Preparing your home for an open house event means dressing it up fabulously, and making it presentable for the public. Moreover, you need to prepare some stuff that could entertain visitors, such as snacks and magazines. And you need to clean up everything after the event as well.

That’s definitely quite a hassle to think about, let alone actually doing it as you hope to sell your home.


You open your home to a lot of People

An open house event means you need to let a lot of people come in; including strangers. And this doesn’t simply refer to potential buyers alone. This includes nosy neighbors, passersby and local real estate experts among other people. You can even run the chance of welcoming a robber in your home.

Yes, cases of theft are common among open houses, since anyone can come to your home. In addition, you and your realtor probably can’t inspect everyone as they stay, making many of your things vulnerable


Low Chance of directly selling your Home

Open house events only account for around 5% of directly selling a home. After all, you can’t be so sure that a potential buyer who can actually make a purchase will drop by. In fact, in many cases, sellers have to deal with people who love the house but can’t buy it, and people who don’t have any intention of buying.


It can benefit your Real Estate Agent

If open house events can’t help sell properties, then why many realtors suggest their clients do it? The simple answer is because realtors benefit from it. Open house events are good chances for realtors to mingle with each other and create a network. This lets them easily find clients, and know where to find people their clients need.

Thus, be sure not to easily fall on your realtor’s suggestion about having an open house event. Be sure it will benefit you and help you sell your home.


Invite Real Estate Professionals

As you’ve noticed with the points above, the cons of open house event circles on the people who will come in your home. Thus, be sure to carefully plan your open house event regarding such factors. For example, don’t easily place a tag on your front wall about your event. Instead, carefully draft a list of invitees.

Be sure to include a list of real estate brokers and experts in your list.  This can help you have a good network within the market, so you can have an easier time finding sure buyers.

These are the important point’s home sellers should remember before coming up with open houses. It can help them avoid its drawbacks while maximizing its benefits.


Image Source: Freepik, Lumen5

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