Selling any real estate property is a tedious process to go through. That’s why you should take note of the essential home sellers checklist for a convenient process. It would help in setting up a property to attract buyers easily. It keeps unnecessary worries at bay for smooth processing from start to closure as well.


Essential Home Sellers Checklist to Guide you inHome Sellers Checklist Selling a Home today

Confused about how to sell a home? Here are important points to guide you:


Hire the best Experts

Begin by finding real estate experts you trust. You want to make sure the realtor you hire has and does sell homes in your county.  You also want to make sure the realtor you hire is going to invest the appropriate time and money into marketing your home.


Prepare your home before putting it on the Market

Next, prepare your property before listing it up. This includes:

  • Repair and replace every uncertainty in your home. This includes broken handles, doorknobs, weather stripping, fixtures, faucets and lightings among other big or small issues. This is to put your home on good condition before selling.
  • Declutter and clean your entire home. Throw, give away or sell things you don’t need anymore. Clean carpets, power wash walls and repaint walls as well. Also, depersonalize your walls by keeping all personal memorabilia’s, such as picture frames, medals, and trophies.
  • Stage your home properly to make it attractive for buyers. However, do not overdo designs and decors to avoid pushing away buyers. Ask your realtor for a guide in executing this step properly.


checklist to selling your home todayPut your Home on the Market

Next, in the home sellers checklist, put your property on the market when it’s ready. Consult with your realtor to gauge its best price depending on some factors, such as compare prices in your neighborhood. Getting an appraisal is also a great idea.

Let your realtor work with the listing process. Take photos, videos and create posts on real estate websites. Your realtor would connect your home with their networks as well. While at it, be sure to keep your home ready for any last-minute walkthrough.


Prepare for the Pre-closing Process

The pre-closing phase will begin once you accept a buyer’s offer. Here are a few points to remember through the process:

  • Ask your real estate lawyer to prepare the contract of sale. This is important to make yourself ready for the closing day.
  • Find an escrow agent which would serve as a neutral third party. This is to have a buffer person between you and the seller.
  • Prepare your property for the last walkthrough. Be sure to comply with the agreed items in the purchase contract, such as repairs and replacements. This prevents the buyer from walking away because of unsatisfied concerns.
  • Request for utility readings and pay all outstanding bills before closing. Moreover, inform utility companies about the move, so they would remove your name from the property.
  • Finally, prepare all the necessary documents for the closing day. This includes the property deed, purchase contract, your checkbook, utility bills which require payments, valid IDs and keys to the home.

These are the essential home sellers checklist to take note for a smooth process. Of course, feel free to talk with your realtor to clear some points up. Moreover, prepare your home by cleaning it up, checking every corner and making sure you won’t leave anything before you move out for good.


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