Buying a home is not always an easy job. This Home inspection checklist should help.

Yes, it may be love at a first sight when you see a house, but it’s simply not enough. Investing that much money in a property requires a bit more detailed inspection to check if everything is the way it’s presented. All of the details you see when you browse homes – flowers, shiny floors, new drapes, etc. are not everything that makes a home. There are other things like plumbing, appliances, wiring that are very important to check when you decide to browse homes for sale. That’s why we created the only home inspection checklist you need to safely buy the best home there is.


Hire the Right Home InspectorHome inspection checklist

For a successful purchase, you need to have a thorough home inspection. Yes, you can always make easy and affordable home updates, but you should avoid buying a hose that has serious problems. And for that reason, you need to carefully hire a house inspector. Be sure to do business with someone who is experienced and who knows what he’s doing when it comes to home assessment. Yes, hiring a home inspector may seem like an additional cost. However, the benefits of doing that are much more valuable – you can avoid very expensive house repairs and problems if you check the house well. 


How to Hire a Home Inspector

When it comes to hiring a home inspector, playing it safe is the key to success. You want to hire someone who is bonded and insured, and who has enough experience with house inspections. That’s why you should ask for his qualifications and credentials. Next, ask about the way they do a home inspection – make a review of the inspection sample. And lastly – avoid hiring inspectors who do house repairs. Be sure to hire licensed contractors to do the repairs and avoid additional costs and problems. 


Things you Need to Check During the Home Inspection

It is very important to be familiar with the whole process of a home inspection so you can notice any potential problems and take care of them before you make the purchase. Here are the crucial points you should know when house inspection takes place. 


Start the home inspection from the bottom. Check if the house foundation looks good and if there are any cracks on the visible parts of the house. Also, the foundation check also includes the drainage system – see if there are any soggy parts or standing water. Septic tank shouldn’t have any leakage, too. 

Exterior of the Home

A house in good condition shouldn’t only be equipped with fancy furniture and appliances. Its structure and exterior should be in perfect conditions since they provide the base for everything else. That’s why you should check the condition of the walls, windows, and doors – see if there are any cracks or termite damage. Next – see the roof. Check if it has patches and if its chimney is in good condition. Lastly, see if gutters are clear and draining the water well. 


There are a lot of things to check when it comes to the interior of a house. Even though most of the things can be repaired easily, be sure to do detail home inspection.  Things you should check inside a home are:


  • if windows and doors work without problems;
  • are there any damages or stains on the floor, especially wooden ones;
  • electrical outlets should work without problems, too;
  • condition of the sinks – any leakage and irregular pressure should be reported;
  • toilets should work without problems
  • appliances – if any of these are included in the prices, check if they are working.
  • ventilation – check if there is sufficient ventilation around the home, especially in places like attic.



Any suspicious and unpleasant odors should be reported. Also, you should check where they are coming from. These could be a sign of a bigger problem – check if you can smell gas, smoke, or other strange odors.

Electrical and Plumbing

Last, but not least, you should pay close attention to one of the most important items of house inspection – electrical system and plumbing. This is especially important when moving with kids and pets – you want to buy a home that is as safe as possible. When it comes to power, be sure to look for unprotected cables, exposed splices, and overheating fuses. These are the signs of the poor electrical system that should definitely be checked out. Next – check the plumbing.  Pipes in the house should have no leakages, they should provide hot and cold water properly and have no signs of rust or any other damage. 


After the Home Inspection

Congrats! If you checked all of the things and made a purchase, you are now a proud homeowner. However, the whole buying-a-house process doesn’t end with signing the contract. After the purchase, it’s time to prepare to move in. If you are moving with your family, you should definitely start preparing in advance, since there are a lot of items and details to take care of.


Hire a Trustworthy Moving Company

Investing money in a reliable moving company will bring you a safe, stress-free move. If you choose to move the whole home with the help of professionals like, you can expect a fast and secure relocation. Since you will be trusting your house items to the people you don’t know, be sure to choose an experienced company you can really trust. 


Pack Wisely to Move Into the New HouseMoving after it clears home inspection

Moving into the new home is the perfect way to have a fresh start. That’s why it’s important not to clutter it up with unnecessary items from your old home. Be sure to declutter the old home and get rid of anything that is broken or hasn’t been used for years. Make room in your brand new home for some fresh items that you actually need and use. Also, be sure to use affordable packing supplies and therefore save money during this expensive process of buying a house and relocating. 


Enjoy Your New Home

One thing you should know about home inspection is that no house is perfect. Of course, you should check the most important items on this home inspection checklist. However, don’t lose a good house over a few details you can easily change and restore after the move. Enjoy your new home!


Image Source: FreePik, Lumen5


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