Holidays are coming again! Probably, you’re already thinking of pulling out Christmas decors and ornaments out from those dusty box. You wouldn’t want a dull home to greet your arriving guests, would you?

Thing is, fancy and glimmering decors aren’t the only ideas you must think about in dressing up your home for the holidays.   You must tackle a huge part of your place to make your guests feel comfortable and certainly merry through their stay.


How to Prepare your Home for Guests on the Holidays

1. Declutter

Begin by letting your home breathe out more space. Throw, give or sell things your household doesn’t use anymore. This includes old clothes, old books, broken electronics and faulty appliances among many other items. You may even need to get rid of a chunky old furniture rotten through the years too.

Yes, this is primarily to make your home look neat and clean. But this is great to accommodate stuff your guests may bring as well. Think of their personal luggage, or the gifts they bring for you. Moreover, this equates to more spaces for them to use, such as using your living room sofa for sleeping.

2. Clean

Generally, you must clean your entire house. But put extra focus on spaces your guests would most likely stumble upon. This includes your exterior, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining area and guest’s bedrooms.

Be sure to shine the floor to make a room look neat. Then, get rid of unnecessary items atop of key surfaces, such as tables, countertops and cabinets.

3. Prepare Supplies

Making a home welcoming for guests means helping them feel comfortable while staying. So, be sure to provide their necessities and supplies during the holiday visit.

Think of extra pull-out mattress you can spread on the living room. Don’t forget extra beddings, pillows and blankets too. Place them on the corner of your living room, or in bedrooms you prepare for them. Then, be sure to place toiletries and towels on easy-to-spot areas.

As a bonus, consider supplying your home with things you don’t usually use. For example, you don’t usually drink hot chocolate drinks because your family prefer coffee.  Still consider buying some bags of chocolate mix or cocoa for your guests.

4. Make your Home Functional

Next, be sure everything in your home works well. This includes your thermostat, heaters, utility supplies, kitchen appliances, household appliances and even your faucets and toilet. Also, inspect your roofing, gutters, weather stripping and drainage among other house parts. Check your furnace and chimney, and be sure to stock up with firewood.

You wouldn’t want any of those to go wrong, and give worries to your guests. Conduct the inspection around 2 weeks before your guests come. That would give you ample time to do repairs or replacements when necessary.

5. Let the Holiday Atmosphere come in!

Finally, Put on the final touches, and make your home magical for the holidays! Have fun with putting up the Christmas trees, Christmas lights, decors and some other ornaments. However, be sure not to overdo things, or else you’d end up with a messy home. Also, consider setting up holiday scented candles, and replacing your lightbulbs with brighter LEDs.


There you go. These are the tips you must take note in dressing up your home for the holidays. Make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their stay. Happy Holidays!


Image Source: CFreepik

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