For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is when the seller chooses to sell their property without the help of real estate agents. Many sellers favor such scheme since they don’t have to worry about realtor commission which will be paid through their sales.  Thus, they think they can gain more cash after selling their property, despite some marketing inconveniences along the way. Thing is, such inconveniences are not that small as many sellers think.

That is why, you should know about the pros and cons of this selling scheme, so you can prepare yourself if you really want to go for it.  This can also help you to go and find a reliable realtor instead, or at least, consult with real estate experts before putting your home on the market.


Vital Reminders before choosing For Sale by Owner Selling Scheme

It’s not that easy to sell your own home without a realtor beside you. To guide you up, here are its pros and cons you should know:


Pros of FSBO Selling: Why Go for It?

  1. When you choose Sale by Owner scheme, you don’t have to worry about paying a commission for your real estate agent. Thus, you can potentially get more cash after selling your home.
  2. You can dress up your home and prepare it for selling the way you want it. You don’t have to follow real estate standard or have a realtor breaking your preferences. You just need to remember, however, to follow some legal points in preparing your home, then post some signage to attract potential buyers.
  3. You can use all your free time to market your home if you opt For Sale by Owner You can even do it the whole day for 7 days in a week if you want. In contrast, real estate agents usually divide their attention among clients, which means your realtor won’t market your property all throughout their working hours.


Cons of FSBO Selling: Why Hire a Realtor?

  1. A realtor knows a lot about the current real estate trend of your local market. Thus, they can help you prepare your home, and make it highly preferable for buyers. This can help attract more potential buyers who can actually purchase your home. In contrast, doing it by yourself can leave you clueless where to start and how to do things right.
  2. A realtor can guide you through all legal processes in selling a home, which is important to avoid penalties and charges. This can also help you have a smoother experience in putting your home for sale on the market since you can comply with vital requirements easily.
  3. A realtor has a network of other agents in the market, which means they can get more potential buyers immediately. In fact, working with realtors proves to sell a home much faster than going FSBO.
  4. Aside from preparing your home for selling, realtors can also help on its actual marketing processes. For example, they can create online listings, and push it up the search ranks so more buyers can see your property.
  5. Finally, realtors can filter potential buyers before they walk into your home. This is to make sure of having people who can actually pay you up, and avoid burglars who can steal some valuables from your property.


As you can see, it’s more advantageous to have a realtor with you. But if you really want to choose the For Sale by Owner scheme, be sure to consult with reliable real estate experts beforehand. Some offices offer free initial consultations, while others only charge a few bucks for it. And that can be great for you to know how to sell your home on your own.


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