A few dollars can bring huge wonders when you want to update your home! And using the power of paint would let you have fascinating results afterward. You only have to do it the right way by using the best colors available. Of course, buy the right brush, stencils and other pattern tools to help you.


Update your Home with these Simple yet Fantastic Paint Tips

Paint the Walls

Begin with the classic wall repainting task. If you plan to sell your home, be sure to use neutral colors such as beige, light blue, and light gray. But if you merely want to satisfy your personal preference, then feel free to choose the best color you want. Be sure, however, not to overdo using dark colors to avoid making your home look dark and small.

Also, consider painting the trim of your walls instead of its entire space. That would serve as an accent to the main color of your wall. You can use colors for the trim which complements the main wall color, or one that’s entirely contrasting as long as it fits.


Paint Furniture

Furniture doesn’t have to be dull, plain and boring in color especially with the basic timber or wood. And painting them is a perfect accent to a room when you can’t paint the walls. Hence, this is perfect for renters.

You can paint a piece of furniture entirely with bold color. But think of being more creative by painting only a few parts too. For example, you can update your home look by painting drawers and doors of a cabinet, while leaving its walls untouched. Think of painting the arms of your chairs or accentuating coffee tables among other spots.


Paint the Ceiling

Many homeowners miss giving enough attention to their ceiling. But painting it would do wonders for a room as well. Although it seems quite a task to do, painting tools such as stencils can help you make it easier.


Paint the Doors and Windows

Aside from the walls, you should give some colors to your windows and doors too. Consider painting the trim of your windows,  both inside and out. That would give it a new look for people inside your house while boosting your curb appeal.

Then, think of painting all the doors in your home uniformly. However, it’s great to leave the main door with a different look. Just be sure all dors doesn’t look odd with the colors of your walls.


Paint some Spots in the Kitchen

Paints can do wonders for your kitchen as well. In fact, the kitchen is one of the areas in your home where you can use different color themes than the rest of your home. You can even use bold colors as long as you won’t overdo it as well. Begin by painting the walls of the area then follow it with the furniture and other parts.

Give colors to kitchen cabinetries. You don’t have to paint the entire furniture. Merely giving colors to its doors and knobs is already great. Then, consider repainting your table, center aisle, countertops and backsplash among other spots.


Painting seems simple, but it can do great effects when you have done it the right way. Just mix it with your creative juices for more personalized results that satisfy your preference. Of course, keep the suggestions above to help you.


Image Source: Freepik


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