New Year means a new life, and this also goes in having spectacular opportunities to improve your home. Truth be told, such opportunities are always there beside you; merely waiting for you to grab them up!

To help yourself remember such opportunities and avoid letting 2019 pass without doing great changes for your home, you can make a list of homeowner’s resolutions as 2019 greets you.


Wonderful New Year’s Resolutions Every Homeowner should remember

Here are few New Year’s Resolutions you can take note that could help you a lot in keeping your property.


1.      Create Efficient Cleaning Plans

Of course, start by keeping your house clean; it would even be best to make it sparkle at all times!

You can start by decluttering your house. Throw, give or sell out things that you don’t need, like stuff you can find in your rooms, cabinets, garage and some other spots.

Next, create a cleaning plan, like strategizing how often would you clean a certain part or your entire house.

Moreover, do a walkthrough all over your house, and note the things that are hard to clean such as your window screens, microfiber sofa, air conditioner filters, and some other stuff. Do some research and plan how you could clean them up, with hiring experts only for your last resort.


2.      Make Proper Maintenance Checks and Budget Allotment

You can start by regularly checking your house for small issues like leaking plumbing systems, mold accumulation, pest infestations, cracks, insulation wears and some other potential problems. Do it regularly, especially before and after the harsh months of summer and winter.

Such small issues can become major headaches when left unattended.

You should not forget to check house systems that require upkeeps as well, like your air conditioning, carbon monoxide and fire alarms, and humidifiers among others. Don’t simply do it on the day of the New Year.

Also, make a long term plan by creating a budget allotment for major repairs. Say, you expect your roofing to last for 15 years, slowly build up your budget for it as early as now so you can be prepared in case of sudden problems.


3.      Consider becoming Energy Efficient

Probably you often shrug-off the thought of becoming energy efficient because of expensive price tags on new appliances, device and insulation systems. Truth be told, it can actually help you save hundreds of dollars from your monthly bills.

You should seriously consider switching to LED lights, have power star appliances, and seal your home with quality insulation. That should surely help you save more cash from energy bills.


4.      Keep Your Curb Appeal Look Great

Keeping your house look great from the outside doesn’t simply apply on selling it. Of course, having a great looking house is your pride in owning it.

Maintain your yard, keep your fences look good, and do some repaints when necessary among other upkeeps. That should give you positive benefits in the long run.


5.      Pay Your Mortgage More Often

Truth is, your mortgage is not merely a monthly payment. You can pay it as often as you want, which could let you have the benefit of clearing it up faster than expected.

Of course, put in your extra cash for your savings, but you can also take a part of it and use it for your mortgage payment.

Those are few homeowners’ resolutions you can remember this New Year of 2019. Keep this list in mind, and add some other points which could greatly benefit you, your household, and your property.

That could help you do some fantastic changes throughout the year.


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