The cool months of autumn are coming and you should prepare your home for it. Keep cold air outside by shielding your home properly. You should keep different hassles at bay too, such as piling up of dry leaves, dangers of fire breakout and pipe explosion among other worries. That’s why you should know helpful fall home maintenance tips for convenient and comfy autumn.


Fall Home Maintenance Steps you should do as the Autumn Season Begins

Worrying about common problems your household would probably face? Jot down these tips to guide you:


Keep Your Home Cozy and Warm

  • Boost your insulation system. Check windows and doors, and be sure there are no gaps on your walls. Replace worn-out weather-stripping when necessary. Also, consider installing storm or winter doors.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. These are advanced thermostat which would keep your house warm on the right time while lowering down the temperature when you don’t need the heat. These units would allow you to set a schedule according to a specific temperature.
  • Stock up enough firewood for you to use. Also, store them in a dry environment to keep them ready to use throughout fall and winter. However, it’s wise to store them a few meters away from your home. This is to keep insects away and avoid the risk of fire breakouts.
  • Prepare winter clothing for your family. Do not miss to prepare special socks for your pets.


Keep Accidents and Dangers Away

  • Trim your lawn and trees. Be sure the branch of your trees have sufficient distance from your home and power lines. Hire professional tree trimming services when necessary.
  • Fall home maintenance should include winterizing plumbing system, especially pipes which are exposed to the outdoor. Use insulation sleeves to protect the pipe from the cold. Also, let water flow freely to avoid it from freezing. This also helps prevent pipe explosion from happening.
  • Clean your furnace, fireplace, and chimneys. This avoids fire breakout because of dust buildup somewhere in your system. Also, this helps in setting up an efficient heating system throughout the cold months.
  • Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace their batteries and conduct tests to make sure they function properly. Replace the unit itself when necessary.


Preventing Hassles and Mess

  • Winterize your air conditioning unit. Since you won’t be needing it through the cold month, keep technical problems away by covering its compressor and other external parts. This also helps in making it ready for the next hot days.
  • Rake fallen leaves every now and then. Place them in garbage bags so community service would pick them up conveniently. Of course, put them in your compost pit or bin if you have any.
  • Clean your roof and gutter. Fix any parts of your roof which makes it vulnerable to weather elements. Also, clean your gutters so rainwater would efficiently flow through it.
  • Clean and free-up your drainage system. Remove moss buildup, dry leaves, trash and anything that block its path. Be sure water would flow through it without spilling out.
  • Protect outdoor furniture from any damage. Replace seat covers, for example, and position them under shades.  Consider installing patio blinds when applicable too.


These fall home maintenance guide would help prepare your household for the upcoming cool months. Avoid accidents, hassles and other mishaps as well, so your whole family would enjoy the season.


Image Source: FreePik, Lumen5


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