There are rooms that have small spaces, and you cannot just deconstruct them to make them larger. All you need to do is to remember a few factors that could make a small room look quite larger, and make some tweaks in it to achieve favorable results. This can surely help in making your room look more comfortable as well.


What Factors Could Help in Making Small Spaces Look Larger

There could be various reasons on why you want to make a small room look larger. You just have to remember some points, for you to efficiently do it with great results. Good thing is, these are simple steps you can do without requiring large renovations in a room.


  • Declutter the Room

If you want the room to breathe out more space, the first thing you should do is to declutter it. Consider adding a functional cabinet where you can place all the messy stuff in the room. Moreover, consider ditching very large cabinets when they are unnecessary in the room, and replace them with appropriate size that could do the job.

You should also avoid placing big furniture right beside the door. Consider having them on a far end, but they should not block any windows as well.


  • Lighting Improvements

Lights can do wonders in making small spaces appear larger. Remove the blinds on the window, and make sure not to put any obstacles for natural lights to pass through. Of course, use bright LED lights at night as well. You can also consider tending your yard, and make sure to trim overgrown grasses and tree branches that could prevent light from coming in.

To help the light to scatter, even more, use the trick you can have from mirrors. Place full-size mirrors at the far side from the window. Make sure the light can hit the mirror, so it could be reflected and scattered all over the room.


  • Bright Colors Everywhere

The key in making a room appear larger is to help the light to scatter all over it. Needless to say, bright colors can help a lot in doing such a task. Start by applying bright colors on your walls like faint yellow or sky-blue.

Also, consider having bright colored stuff in the room as well. If you are dealing with your bedroom, for instance, you can have bright colored sheets for it. Reflective or metallic shiny surfaces can do the wonder in your living room too.


  • Fantastic Accents and Decors

The perfect decors can also do fantastic effects in making your room appear larger. Statement artworks are great in doing such tasks. After all, they effectively make statements in the place where they are placed. Shiny objects like figurines can also help since they could reflect light and scatter it around. Adding some indoor plants in a few corners will also do.

However, this is a step that you should never overdo. For instance, you can add one statement painting or artwork on one wall, but having three or five could be bad. You should also minimize the indoor plants as well, and carefully choose one with the appropriate size.


Lights and bright colors are the main factors that could help in making small spaces look bigger. That is why you should focus on maximizing natural lights especially during the day and add more bright colored objects in the room. Moreover, never forget to remove all unnecessary clutter and messy stuff that simply piles up. This can also do significant effects, especially in helping a room breathe out more spaces. Take note of these tips, for you to efficiently make your room look bigger than it should be.


Image Source: Freepik

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