Finding the perfect home is never an easy feat. And when it’s a accessible homes that you need, there are even more factors to consider before signing the papers. That’s why knowing how to plan and prepare is so important. If you have a disability and are looking for a living space that meets your needs, this article provides essential tips to help you on your quest.


Finding Accessible Homes with the Right Structure


When you’re searching for an accessible home, the first thing you want to consider is what structural features it has to offer. In any home, a solid foundation and a roof in good repair are critical. But there are a few other features to look for when it comes to accessible homes. For instance, one-story layouts with few to no stairs are preferable for obvious reasons. Wider doorways and passageways that accommodate mobility aids (e.g., wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, etc.) are also a big plus.


Hard floors ( hardwood, vinyl, linoleum) and low-pile carpet can also help people with disabilities maneuver around their home safely and comfortably. Furthermore, if you can find a home with lower cabinets, it will help with a number of everyday tasks. While these features can be created through modifications, it can save you a lot of money and effort if you find a home that already has some of them.


Securing Your Home

Once you’ve chosen a home with good structural features, you will need to prepare for the move. First things first: ensure your home is secure by changing the locks. You can easily find top-rated local locksmiths through an online search. It could also be worth the investment to install a smart security system at your front and back doors; that way you have peace of mind that you and your home are safe.


Along with securing your home, here are some other important tasks to take care of before moving in:


  • Changing your address/forwarding your mail
  • Transferring your prescriptions
  • Locating the nearest amenities (grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, etc.)
  • Assessing the accessibility of sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Finding a reputable moving company
  • Organizing items for the move and setting the move-in date
  • Basic maintenance (deep cleaning, repair work)


Making the Necessary Modifications

It can be difficult to find accessible homes that meet all your needs from the start. Fortunately, you can make it fit your needs through modifications. For instance, install an entranceway ramp so you can safely enter and exit your home, and put in threshold ramps throughout the inside of the home. If you need to, widen the doorways or purchase expandable hinges to make room for a mobility aid.


Some of the most important rooms in the home to modify are the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure your cabinets, appliances, and sink are at a comfortable height for you to perform daily tasks such as preparing food and doing the dishes. Install grab bars, shower chairs, and any other necessary items that will make your bathroom a comfortable and safe space. If needed, lower the vanity and/or medicine cabinet so you have easy access to brush your teeth and wash your face.


If you know what to look for, plan, and prepare, you can find the perfect home for your needs. Try to find a house that comes with structural features that will make the modification process easier. Secure your home and take care of the other important tasks before move-in day. By assessing your specific everyday needs and modifying your home to meet them, you pave the way for a comfortable way of life in your new space.


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